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Being told to "Go PRO" when you have a current subscription

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Links don't work

This site requires that you have javascript enabled in your browser settings.

Javascript is a widely used language that is used by most major websites (please do not confuse it with the other language which is called java).

Javascript is normally enabled by default in most browsers - however, you may have had it disabled at some stage and will require it to be re-enabled.

Please enable javascript in your browser settings in order to use the kranjiracing website. If you do not know how to enable javascript in your browser, just go to and enter "how to enable javascript in" into the search box. You should be able to find out how to adjust your browser from there. Alternatively, go to this page - however, we can not be sure how often this page is updated - but as at December 2011, it was still relevant.

In addition, the kranjiracing website is optimised for the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers - we strongly recommend you upgrade to one of these browsers if you are not already using one of them.

Being told to "Go PRO" when you have a current subscription

Sometimes you can be logged in to the website long enough for the server to end the session automatically.

When this happens, you will start to see the "Go PRO" links.

To fix this you will need to log out of the website and log back in. This will refresh your session.

Site access problems

Unfortuately, the kranjiracing website occasionally gets caught in web filters used by Singapore based ISP's (although we haven't had this problem reported for quite some time now). We have found that if you call your ISP service desk, they will reset your filter so that kranjiracing is removed from their filter list. You need to specifically tell them that you want to be able to access