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Larry Foley

Posted 2 months ago

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fair call there @bertrand . i had his trial marked as good and gets blinkers back on. why ...6 days ago by Larry Foley

Ya, an uncertain day. A number of very open races. Missed keying in R12 but I favor Nateā€...6 days ago by Bertrand

morning bertrand... some interesting races today. i think the c course will play fair so w...6 days ago by Larry Foley

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@Timfitz16Racing @daniel_moor Big night for the Aussies! Nice suit Tim. Looks a bugger to iron.. but looks good.

@NJC_Commentator @BMW Crikey.. a long way from our zoom chats for Singapore track talk!

Hey @copperbelt_stc nice work on 800 not out!

ā¦@william_evans88ā© ā¦@tropicscallerā© good on you Will! https://t.co/M5gPHWDymZ

@KranjiRTV @SGTurfClub @scottbailey23 @PComerford17 @suresh7807 A quick glance suggests a wide open day with not maā€¦ https://t.co/CEmDMEj4Nz

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