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perak turf club - a disgrace to horse racing


Posted 2 weeks ago

The Perak Turf Club, an organization with a long proud history is really sullying that reputation in... to read the full text of this post Go PRO


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great work. shocker my end!...8 hours ago by Larry Foley

Now that's a decent 3 figure super pick!! well done......23 hours ago by suresh

Congrats and great picks, mates @Robpayback and @ mangocharlie!...23 hours ago by Bertrand

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saturday january 23, 2021
saturday january 16, 2021
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@MickaelPolati @suresh7807 @KranjiBroadcast You have to do some work ;)

@MickaelPolati @suresh7807 @KranjiBroadcast I like sacred gift

@freodockers @AFL @aflwomens what’s this $10 business? I can understand it being a ticketed event and I know it’s a… https://t.co/GbA4MRk62U

@suresh7807 @KranjiBroadcast Agree Suresh but hopefully that’s happening as we speak.

@KranjiBroadcast @SGTurfClub @SaimeeRacing @edward_sadler @_danielcahill @mmsnippets @iRaceSG @suresh7807… https://t.co/ziixs30eVd

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