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2020 racing awards

Larry Foley

Posted 2 weeks ago

now, it's been a funny year with age groups etc but the horse of the year awards are still on and ha... to read the full text of this post Go PRO


Posted 2 weeks ago

Tough to do with the delay of races. 4yo - Top Knight (winning the Derby at 5yo due to delay) shadin... to read the full text of this post Go PRO

Larry Foley

Posted 1 weeks ago

... to read the full text of this post Go PRO


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Thanks Mate Bertrand....5 hours ago by mangocharlie

@Bertrand.Thanks for the update. Best Wishes 💪...6 hours ago by Robpayback

Tactics Race 3 No 10 Longhu- with blinkers on to be ridden forward. Race 4 No 12 Be You- t...7 hours ago by Bertrand

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Tell me when it finishes would you @NJC_Commentator

@NJC_Commentator @PatrickKinghorn one more for the “last chance saloon”..... supreme fighter with some Troy see magic. #fiddytoone

RT @KranjiBroadcast: Rider replacements for Vlad Duric R1 No.4 - @Louis_Beuzelin R2 No.7 - @johnpowell30 R7 No.4 - R Maia R9 No.2 - TBA (…

@KranjiBroadcast @NJC_Commentator @PatrickKinghorn 10 races from @SGTurfClub today and mr malek (race 9) is short (… https://t.co/9DQ9Dh79Fp

@KranjiBroadcast cmon @NJC_Commentator you couldn’t get away with this without comment. https://t.co/KqQC4xfIeU

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