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htw noted some last week trialer


Posted 1 months ago

3 3 HELLO MICHELLE horse to watch 23/9/16 N 14th/10/16 won with visor 1100m py good walker-all won b... to read the full text of this post Go PRO


Posted 1 months ago

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you get that cassvalue from time to time. combination of post group 2 good weekend, one ra...10 hours ago by Larry Foley

Is this Friday the worst race card in living memory? Even the Restricted Maidens are terri...14 hours ago by cassvalue

Mango Otard tak Centre ...4 days ago by longtze

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friday february 21, 2020

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RT @NJC_Commentator: Well worth a watch! An honour to say I have been privileged to feature on @SimonNott #BettingPeople 👌 Excellent work…

@NJC_Commentator @theracesWA @santassnippets We haven’t always seen eye to eye but credit where credit is due! Not… https://t.co/byQrsPcMkF

@theracesWA @santassnippets Good on you Constance! Rain, hail or shine, Constance is a constant at WA MM sales.

RT @HicksSimon: Solar thermal power the way forward for Australia despite hiccups, nuclear expert says https://t.co/eNFSzXry51

RT @suresh7807: @KranjiBroadcast @kranjiracing Singapore Saturday 15-2-20 R1 - 2,1,8,10 R2 - 1,7,4,5 R3 - 7,6,1,5 R4 - 1,3,2,5 R5 - 1,7,4…

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