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Larry Foley

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$4.40 aus ($1 unit). i'm on....2 days ago by Larry Foley

As at 1000 hrs Oracle @ S$9.00 = A$1.80...2 days ago by mangocharlie

can't find fixed odds in australia for tomorrow's racing but still keen on oracle. would l...2 days ago by Larry Foley

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post meeting review

saturday september 19, 2020
saturday september 12, 2020
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RT @DueSasso: Oracle debuts in race 2 @SGTurfClub today. The 3YO is the first (I think) Nostradamus @RosemontStud to race internationally.…

14 races (yes, 14!) from @SGTurfClub today. Good luck to @Ashdanani1 on debut with @KranjiBroadcast and hope he fin… https://t.co/9KAvce3MMt

@NJC_Commentator @KranjiBroadcast @ch8sg You’re younger than me.... #justsaying

@KranjiBroadcast @ch8sg One of my regrets is not attending a meeting there. #howgood

@pete2me @FinPowrie @SelangorTC @Tabcorp @tabcomaumedia @TABradio @RacingMacau @SkyRacingAU @SkyRacingINT… https://t.co/Iikses4sMI

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