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Thks.⚡Dec....1 hours ago by Robpayback

When Jo-burg is a better option than Singapore, alarms bells are ringing. It's not just Ir...2 hours ago by cassvalue

What's Irene doing about the talent drain. . Munger, who began his stint in January, was a...11 hours ago by Doriemus

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saturday november 28, 2020
saturday november 21, 2020
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@PointsBet_AU preview of the Japan cup reads like a bush meet. “Generally strong second up”. “Don’t overlook”. FFS. https://t.co/Ex8D2LxNwz

Terrible card from Singapore today but Murphy’s (Danny) law suggests the form holds up and winners will be found.… https://t.co/6TFRqT4rOz

@tropicscaller @coldchisel @abcsport I think I’m the only listener not on a header.

@tropicscaller @coldchisel Not possibly Craig. You should be listening to @abcsport Aussie v Kohli .

@Roycee28 Great job over there Royce. Hope you enjoyed the experience. #onwardsandupwards

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