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Race 1

Larry says, "A top-heavy Class 5 Poly sprint to open the card and as is often the case, a Class dropper looks the one to beat. HYDE PARK did disappoint last start in Class 4 but he did do it tough on that occasion and his previous effort has him under serious notice with Maia on-board. Vlad Duric has his first ride in 2021 and the Champion hoop will be hoping WELL DESERVED can show his best and win and while he was well beaten into third last start, blinkers added suggests he is right in this. BLACK QUAIL and PLANTER both get 3kg claims with Hakim and Iskandar respectively and while BLACK QUAIL could look the winner at some stage late, PLANTER drops in grade, gets blinkers and is trialling well enough to win this. RED CLAW and WINNING LEGEND two more that win without surprising. Betting Strategy - PLANTER each-way if value."

RACE 1: CLASS 5 (1) - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 12:30 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 3, 4
1 7*442* BLACK QUAIL TT APP K HAKIM (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 8 48 59.0 *** Did it tough and in the winning mix last start. Expect much the same.
2 *09950 HYDE PARK R MAIA (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 10 48 59.0 *** Drops in Class after racing wide last start and never involved. Can consider on previous effort in this field.
3 5075** PLANTER B, TT APP R ISKANDAR (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 6 48 59.0 *** Should need longer but gets blinkers down in grade and could be value on the back of some nice trials.
V DURIC (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 14 48 59.0 *** Wide gate a concern and well beaten into third last start but blinkers and Duric have him under notice.
5 **0642 RED CLAW B, TT T REHAIZAT (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 2 47 58.5 *** Kept the winner honest last start in similar affair and had everything else covered. Each-way.
6 *82028 WINNING LEGEND S JOHN (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 7 47 58.5 *** Only battled last start but previous form good and will appreciate being back on the Poly. Keep safe.
7 0*0*8* OUR SHOWCASE B, TT T SEE (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 5 46 58.0 ** Only battled last start but did do it tough and worth another look in what should be a suitable race.
8 531179 PLUCKY LAD CC WONG (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 3 46 58.0 * Needs to show more this campaign.
9 **9*96 SUPER GREAT TT O CHAVEZ (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 12 46 58.0 * Improved dropping to Class 5 last start but still needs to find a length and gate no help.
10 0000 CITY KNIGHT I SAIFUDIN (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 11 44 57.0 * Maiden who struggles.
11 8**300 COMING UP TT M ZAKI (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 1 44 57.0 * Gate 1 helps and has shown glimpses but showed nothing when resuming.
12 56409* TWILL GUY TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 9 44 57.0 * Resuming after issues (epiglottic) last start. Some hope on best form.
13 70**0* AMAZING CHOICE E1 BP, TT APP PH SEOW (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 4 42 56.0 * Race suits but lost form.
14 4*2069 RAPID FIRE E2 (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 13 40 55.0 * Excuses (lame) last start but can disappoint and gate will test.

Race 2

Larry says, "A tricky maiden with some obvious picks up against some big improvers on trial form coupled with a debutante some hope to beat them all. The debutante is the US-bred MALIBU BEACH and the 4YO has certainly trialled well enough to go close on debut with Duric a factor from gate 2. The obvious pick is HAPPY FRIDAY who has his foot on the till and gets his chance from gate 3, while QIJI FLYER is honest and should figure with Beuzelin up. It gets interesting from here with SUPREME FIGHTER looking no hope on race form but worth another look on trial form with the more experienced Troy See to ride, while THE ARCHER was disappointing last start but placed on debut on the Poly behind a handy type in Relentless and that form should hold up here. Keep the emergency MIGHTY VAIN very safe is he gets a start with numbers 2, 5, 8 and 9 for exotics. Betting Strategy - SUPREME FIGHTER value win."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 7, 11, 1
1 7*2373 HAPPY FRIDAY B, TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 3 44 57.5 *** Placed in Class 5 last start, had looked due in Maiden Company prior and gets every chance from gate 3.
2 704846 GLOBAL SPIRIT VIS R MAIA (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 13 42 57.5 ** Drawn wide and only battled away last start but has shown glimpses and Maia helps.
3 0*7*7* SHOW ROYALE B, TT TH KOH (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 14 40 57.5 * Didn't need the wide alley.
T REHAIZAT (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 5 39 57.5 * Blinkers to winkers but needs a miracle.
5 40053* NEW GARDEN TT M LERNER (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 4 36 57.5 ** Not far away and placed last start in similarly weak field and expect much the same.
6 75486* QIJI FLYER WK L BEUZELIN (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 8 34 57.5 *** Honest and this is the type of race he could win.
7 MALIBU BEACH V DURIC (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 2 0 57.5 *** US-bred 4YO who has trialled well enough to win on debut in this field with gate 2 and Duric factors.
8 0**623 SPEARHEAD B, TT O CHAVEZ (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 1 46 54.0 ** Found some form in equally weak races and should figure in the mix.
9 0** BATTLESTAR B APP M NIZAR (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 7 0 54.0 ** Resuming. Nothing on debut but trials well with blinkers so can consider with head-gear added from gate 1.
10 8 SUPERMAN WK APP K HAKIM (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 11 0 54.0 * Very green on debut and wide gate will test.
11 *98* SUPREME FIGHTER T SEE (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 6 0 54.0 *** Race form reads badly but excuses not to finish closer last start and always trial like a good horse so can improve with more experienced hoop.
12 27 THE ARCHER WK CC WONG (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 9 0 54.0 *** Nothing last start on turf but beaten by a handy type on debut on the Poly so could surprise.
13 23658* MIGHTY VAIN E1 APP R ISKANDAR (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 12 49 57.5 *** Resuming after a bleeding attack and could give a sight on the back of two good trials.
14 4688*8 INVISIBLE E2 B, TT (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 10 31 57.5 * No.

Race 3

Larry says, "Barriers often make a difference and two horses that very much appreciate better gates today in HAPPY SATURDAY and WAR FRONTIER come under notice. HAPPY SATURDAY did super from a wide alley to place last start and given he is showing a liking to the Polytrack, he could be hard to hold out from gate 3. WAR FRONTIER was never involved last start but from gate 1 he can show his best, which should be up to this grade. Of the others, KHARISMA is in form and gets every chance from gate 2, while BRIGHT ALMIGHTY first up after a long spell is trialling well and should figure on best form. Maia on last start placegetter BASILISK also comes under consideration, as do both emergencies. Betting Strategy - HAPPY SATURDAY win."

RACE 3: CLASS 4 (2) - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 13:30 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 7, 6, 1
1 61532* BRIGHT ALMIGHTY B APP K HAKIM (N/A) T FITZSIMMONS (N/A) 7 67 59.0 *** Resuming after long break for new trainer. Loves the Poly and can win on the back of a good trial.
2 146114 KHARISMA SR M LERNER (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 2 65 58.0 *** Not disgraced last start after two straight wins in similar affairs. Have to respect.
3 130920 THE WILD BUNCH TT TH KOH (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 5 60 55.5 ** Disappointing last start but just missed start prior and pay to keep safe.
4 **7702 BASILISK SR R MAIA (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 8 58 54.5 *** Retuned to form last start over 1400m on the turf and trials suggests he has a big say here.
5 ***7** IRONCLAD TT CC WONG (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 11 58 54.5 * Will be running on strongly but like to see over longer and turf.
6 2**140 WAR FRONTIER L BEUZELIN (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 1 55 53.0 *** Never really involved from wide gate last start but form prior good, won maiden on the Poly and goes close from gate 1.
7 61803 HAPPY SATURDAY R WOODWORTH (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 3 54 52.5 *** Showed last start why the poly may be his caper and could be hard to hold out from better gate.
8 16*05* JUST LANDED APP PH SEOW (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 9 54 52.5 * Resuming and should need longer.
9 450710 LIM'S FORCE TT T SEE (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 10 53 52.0 * Battled from wide gate last start in this Company and drawn badly again.
10 83*4*8 LONGHU TT
M ZAKI (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 12 53 52.0 ** Battles to win and drawn awkwardly but always some show on the Poly and blinkers help.
11 97*74* SUPER SIX TT S JOHN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 14 53 52.0 * Love to see in easier Company but ran on well enough last start to follow at odds.
12 0**800 BIG MARY SR I SAIFUDIN (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 4 51 51.0 * No.
13 6**040 AMORE AMORE E1
K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 13 49 50.0 ** Tough to follow and having first start on the Poly but gets blinkers and tongue-tie and could surprise at odds.
14 48541* OVERCOMING E2 (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 6 57 54.0 *** Turned some good form into a win and handles the poly so pay to follow.

Race 4

Larry says, "Novice events often throw up above average fields and while this race may lack depth, it doesn't lack quality with three very handy 3YO's in INFINITE WISDOM, STARLIGHT and BE YOU taking part. Anyone could start favourite but the last start winner in STARLIGHT probably gets the most support given the ease on which he won on debut. This race is a tougher ask though and INFINITE WISDOM just missed in the Golden Horseshoe and that form has held up, while BE YOU backed up his good debut win with a close up placing in Class 4 and he should have a big say here with Maia up. Of the rest, BRUTUS has won at Novice conditions previously and looked to have some in hand last start so looks the value pick, while the newcomer from Australia - STENMARK - has won both local trials so has to be respected with the market best guide. PROSPEROUS RETURN on debut and THE BROTHERHOOD two others to watch. Betting Strategy - box 10, 11 and 12 in any exotics."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 11, 12, 10
1 2316*5 BRUTUS TT APP PH SEOW (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 1 60 58.0 *** Looked to have some in hand last start on the Poly and well placed from gate 1 with handy 4kg claim.
2 7221* SPEEDY MISSILE APP K HAKIM (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 5 57 58.0 * Resuming after bolting in over 1600m last start. Will run on but may need longer.
3 461326 THE BROTHERHOOD APP F YUSOFF (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 7 55 58.0 ** Freshened. Usually seen on the Poly but has handled the turf and can consider in exotics.
4 6251* WIN WIN B, EM K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 15 53 58.0 * Won a very weak maiden last start and has trialled well since but gate will test in this field.
5 **0000 COMING FAST B
S NOH (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 9 50 58.0 * Freshened sans blinkers but impossible on form.
CC WONG (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 12 45 58.0 * Gets blinkers first time but eligible for Class 5 and happy to wait.
7 94080 BEAUTY DIVA EM CK NG (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 8 51 56.5 * Battled when resuming and prefer others.
O CHAVEZ (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 10 50 55.0 * Maiden who looks impossible on race form but recent trial suggests improvement sans blinkers.
9 STENMARK R WOODWORTH (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 13 60 54.5 ** Former Australian who brings honest but moderate form. Has won two local trials and can consider at the race conditions.
10 142 INFINITE WISDOM M LERNER (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 11 56 54.5 *** Only unplaced run on the Poly and close up placing in the Golden Horseshoe should hold up at the Novice conditions.
11 1 STARLIGHT L BEUZELIN (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 2 56 54.5 *** Looked smart when winning comfortably on debut and hard to beat with gate 2 a bonus.
12 12 BE YOU TT R MAIA (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 6 55 54.5 *** Backed up strong debut win with narrow defeat and can bounce back.
13 71 LIM'S WISH T SEE (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 4 48 54.5 * Won a weak maiden last start and should need easier than this.
14 PROSPEROUS RETURN S SHAFRIZAL (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 14 0 51.5 ** Australian-bred 3YO who has trialled well enough to consider with no weight but gate will test.
15 00** SUN ROYALE E1 B I SAIFUDIN (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 3 0 55.0 * Resuming and no.

Race 5

Larry says, "The best horse in this Class 5 field is the first emergency in CATCH THE TIGER so obviously scratching’s will have a big say on the betting in this 1700m event. The 5YO dropped to Class 5 last start and while he didn't place, he had excuses not to finish closer to the winner and had support so happy to follow with blinkers added for good measure. But as it stands, WHERE SHE'S HAPPY looks well placed from gate 3 to break her maiden status and probably start favourite with Marc Lerner retaining the ride. NAJAH broke a long losing streak last start in a similar affair to this and he has to be respected with TSURIAN and GIANT KILLING finishing second an third respectively in that same race so should figure. HOSAYLIAO placed last start and will be running on, while SCOOTER appreciates the better gate and could give a sight. Betting Strategy - CATCH THE TIGER win if he gets a start, WHERE SHE'S HAPPY win."

RACE 5: CLASS 5 - 1700M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 14:30 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 13, 1, 10
1 2*5*52 WHERE SHE'S HAPPY M LERNER (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 3 43 56.5 *** Ran on well late to keep winner honest in similar affair last start and hard to beat from better gate.
2 0*9756 ETWAS NEUES B O CHAVEZ (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 8 42 56.0 * Thereabouts without being a threat of late and expect much the same.
T SEE (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 11 41 55.5 * Get winkers and runs on when in the mood but easier to ignore.
4 137869 BLUE CHIP
K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 6 39 54.5 ** Battled on a wet track last start but can consider on best form with visor added.
5 7*7830 SCOOTER WK APP K HAKIM (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 4 39 54.5 *** Used petrol early from wide gate last start when disappointing. Softer run expected here and claim helps so keep safe.
6 06000* SUN PITTSBURGH EM S JOHN (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 7 38 54.0 * Enjoys the Poly but lost all form.
7 *6*853 HOSAYLIAO B N ZYRUL (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 12 37 53.5 *** Drawn wide but ran on well last start to place and pay to respect.
8 0**062 TSURIAN B, TT CC WONG (N/A) T FITZSIMMONS (N/A) 14 36 53.0 ** Not catching winner (Najah) last start but did well to place and can follow in similar affair.
9 090906 RUMBLE B APP M NIZAR (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 13 35 52.5 * Improved effort on turf last start but like to see more.
10 165533 GIANT KILLING B, TT APP F YUSOFF (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 5 30 50.0 *** Running on well and is due so can follow.
11 6*6031 NAJAH B, TT JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 9 30 50.0 *** Broke a long run of outs at odds last start in similar affair and will give a sight again.
12 943*0* BROTHER MAK MAK B APP T KRISNA (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 1 28 50.0 * Gate 1 helps but battled last start so looks a risk.
(N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 10 47 58.5 *** Traffic excuses not to finish closer last start when dropping to Class 5 and gets blinkers. Can win.
14 7*7006 TIGER FORCE E2 B, TT (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 2 46 58.0 ** Just fair last start when dropping to Class 5 but jockey did suggest issues so worth another look.

Race 6

Larry says, "With some speeders drawn to advantage, this race should be handles-down from go to whoa which will give DECRETO every chance to knock in another win. The 7YO had excuses not to win last start and Troy See should get a cushy run behind the speeders and be best late. Of the speedsters, DAVID'S STAR is usually found out late but his recent trial form is good and Ruan Maia on a front-runner does appeal. The maiden PERFECT ME is another speed influence and could bother DAVID'S STAR, while another maiden in MARINE VANGUARD could be the big improver at odds at his first start in Class 5. Of the others with winning chances, WINNING HAMMER could surprise from gate 1 with no weight, while the veteran HOST THE NATION has to be respected. Betting Strategy - DECRETO win."

RACE 6: CLASS 5 (2) - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 15:00 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 9, 10
1 100076 SPORTSCASTER TT APP PH SEOW (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 10 44 59.0 ** Drops back in trip but most recent win was over 1200m so can consider.
2 812282 DECRETO BP T SEE (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 6 43 58.5 *** Excuses not to win similar affair last start and hard to hold out here.
3 309009 HERO STAR B, TT T REHAIZAT (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 4 42 58.0 * Recent trial OK but hard to have on form.
4 215946 HOST THE NATION R WOODWORTH (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 12 42 58.0 *** Veteran who has drawn wide but always a show in races like this.
5 6657** MARINE VANGUARD B, TT J POWELL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 8 42 58.0 *** Maiden who battles away but will appreciate Class 5 Company with market best guide.
6 74770 PERFECT ME TT, SR APP K HAKIM (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 5 42 58.0 *** Maiden who had excuses last start and could show a clean pair of heels in weak Class 5 Company.
CC WONG (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 7 42 58.0 * Battling.
8 0***** HERO IN THE WIND B APP F YUSOFF (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 9 41 57.5 * Resuming and should need longer but this race is weak.
9 38**04 DAVID'S STAR P, EM R MAIA (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 3 34 54.0 *** Hasn't won for a long time but has speed and will give a sight in this weak field on the back of some good trials.
APP T KRISNA (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 1 33 53.5 *** Looked to have some in hand last start and looks suited from gate 1 with blinkers added.
11 5*464* JK FLASH B I SAIFUDIN (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 2 27 50.5 ** Ran on well late last start and could surprise from gate 2.
12 553*7* TAVITO TT S JOHN (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 14 27 50.5 ** Wide gate make sit tough but always some hope in weak races like this.
13 5***0* UNCLE LUCKY E1 TT, VIS
(N/A) J ONG (N/A) 11 38 56.0 ** Disappointing last start but gets blinkers added so worth one more look.
14 534600 QILIN TOP FORM E2 WK, TT
(N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 13 35 54.5 * Tongue-tie off but battling.

Race 7

Larry says, "Nothing jumps off the page to win this Class 3 turf sprint so, while up in Class, a last start winner in SOLAR ECLIPSE is worth following. The former Argentinean is first up after winning well enough in Class 4 Company at his second Singapore start but a recent smart trial suggests he is up to this and gate 5 with Harry Kassim up looks a good combination. The other last start winner in the 14 confirmed starters is MAKEEM LAD and with a canny 3kg claim, he carries 0.5kg less than he did winning in similar Company so he has to be a big show. Some of the others with winning hopes are coming off just fair (or even poor) runs but SIAM WARRIOR is in form and gets Duric, BLUESTONE gets blinkers and Chavez and SIAM ROYAL ORCHID gets gate 1 and will improve. Go wide in exotics. Betting Strategy - SOLAR ECLIPSE win."

RACE 7: CLASS 3 - 1200M (TURF TRACK 'C' (LC)) TIME: 15:30 PRIZE MONEY: S$70000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 11, 4, 2
1 45000* AUGUSTANO B
APP R ISKANDAR (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 15 79 59.0 ** Needs to improve on recent form but did it tough last start, drops in Class with blinkers off and tongue-tie on. Market best guide.
2 0***1* MAKKEM LAD B, TT APP F YUSOFF (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 8 79 59.0 *** Surprised a few by winning similar affair last start and has 0.5kg less to carry thanks to claim. Follow.
3 5519*8 HUGO B J POWELL (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 11 77 58.0 ** Has only battled at two starts since Poly win but may appreciate a change to turf at odds.
4 038835 SIAM WARRIOR V DURIC (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 9 77 58.0 *** In the mix till late in similar affair last start and worth another look with Duric up.
APP K HAKIM (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 3 76 57.5 * Freshened after Gold Cup run. Will need longer.
6 293177 BLUESTONE
O CHAVEZ (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 16 73 56.0 *** Drawn the car park but looked to have some in hand last start and gets blinkers first time. Keep safe.
7 121*07 SIAM ROYAL ORCHID B, TT L BEUZELIN (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 1 71 55.0 *** Form starting to read badly but appreciates the first up run and can improve lengths from gate 1.
8 *15*00 LIM'S MIGHTY T SEE (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 4 69 54.0 ** Shown little this campaign but recent trial look good enough to expect improvement.
9 **21*6 RESOLUTION TT S SHAFRIZAL (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 7 69 54.0 ** Only battled in this Company last start on the Poly but handles the turf and worth another look.
10 37*6*9 WASSERGEIST TT M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 12 69 54.0 ** Freshened after battling in the wet last start. Worth a look on good recent trial form.
11 21 SOLAR ECLIPSE K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 5 68 53.5 *** Resuming after winning in Class 4 at second start in Singapore. Recent trial nice enough to think he is up to this Company.
12 04**32 AXEL TT, VIS R WOODWORTH (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 2 67 53.0 ** Versatile enough to be competitive but recent good form over longer.
13 4 SONGGONG HERA TT JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 13 66 52.5 ** Australian who made a solid Singapore debut in Class 4 and may add value to exotics.
14 02***4 CHARGER N ZYRUL (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 10 62 50.5 * Found some form but eligible for easier.
15 0163*1 CHICAGO STAR E1 B (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 6 71 55.0 ** Fought hard to win in Class 4 last start and should be competitive.
16 *82291 SILENT PARTNER E2 TT, SR (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 14 71 55.0 * Another last start Class 4 winner but may need longer in this grade or a wet track.

Race 8

Larry says, "While we may look at something to back at value on the day, ASAAD looks the one to beat and punters will be jumping on in droves. The 5YO is on the quick back-up after a solid placing over the mile on the Poly and no reason he doesn't make the running with Maia up and it will be a case of whoever beats him wins. Hideyuki Takaoka may be the trainer to do it. The master has two runners (and one emergency) and both CARIBBEAN LADY and MATSURIBAYASHI could easily surprise on best form. CARIBBEAN LADY should try to lead and with the experienced Beuzelin from gate 2, she could give a sight. MATSURIBAYASHI comes through the same race as ASAAD and looked to have some in hand so he can improve with no weight from gate 1. Of the others that can win, LADY FAST is honest and has shown she is up to this Company, while CAPTAIN SINGAPORE improved to place last start and gets Chavez so worth thought. Betting Strategy - CARIBBEAN LADY each-way."

RACE 8: CLASS 4 - 1700M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 16:00 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 1, 11
L BEUZELIN (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 2 63 57.0 *** Last start better than the result, Poly suits and in this a very long way.
2 6*6143 ASAAD B R MAIA (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 3 59 55.0 *** Backing up from last Saturday. In form, will race on the pace and should figure heavily in the finish.
3 18**04 MY EVEREST TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 7 56 53.5 ** Solid without being a threat last start over the mile and expect much the same.
4 9*8**6 LORD OF CLOUD TT T SEE (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 14 55 53.0 * Race should suit but only battled last start in similar affair and gate will test.
5 996*93 CAPTAIN SINGAPORE O CHAVEZ (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 5 53 52.0 *** Ran on solidly to place in similar affair last start and worth another each-way look.
APP K HAKIM (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 13 52 51.5 * Winkers off but drawn wide and form not good enough.
7 *0*08* MURRAYFIELD SR APP R ISKANDAR (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 12 52 51.5 * Query the surface and out of form.
8 0*0980 BILLY BRITAIN JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 4 51 51.0 * Struggled since recent win.
9 **0090 FABULOUS ONE B, TT M ZAKI (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 8 51 51.0 * No.
10 *1*24* LADY FAST CC WONG (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 10 51 51.0 *** Hard to fault honest form, handles the Poly and should figure.
11 504745 MATSURIBAYASHI B APP T KRISNA (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 1 51 51.0 *** May need longer again but had some in hand last start over the mile and happy to follow with gate 1 a factor.
12 712001 NINETEEN GALE TT I SAIFUDIN (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 6 50 50.5 ** Up in Class but trip and track obviously suit and should be competitive.
13 021*07 SUN GENERAL E1 B K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 9 51 51.0 ** Better suited in Class 5 but some in hand last start and could be value.
14 *210*0 OPTIMUM STAR E2 TT
(N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 11 51 51.0 * Loves the Poly but should need shorter to show his best.

Race 9

Larry says, "Plenty of good horses in this race but MR MALEK and SUPER DYNASTY will dominate the betting and whoever gets the gun run or is having a good day should win. MR MALEK is first up after running second to INFERNO in the Lion City Cup and given he has six wins from nine starts (his other defeats on debut on Poly and again to Inferno at Group level) and comes off a eye-catching trial, he is the one to beat. In saying that, SUPER DYNASTY won one of these three starts back and won on the Poly at Group level at his last start, so form is not an issue and he has the early speed to overcome the wide gate and make his own luck. The rest that can win on recent good form all come through the same Kranji Stakes A race over this trip where LIM'S CRAFT beat CHURCHILL and MAGIC WAND (emergency) and all three should play a part. Keep MURAAHIB safe on best form in what is a suitable race. Betting Strategy - MR MALEK strong win."

RACE 9: CLASS 2 - 1400M (TURF TRACK 'C' (LC)) TIME: 16:30 PRIZE MONEY: S$85000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 3, 6, 10
1 3110*6 MURAAHIB TT K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 7 92 57.0 ** Battled away on the Poly last start but this race looks ideal and should figure.
2 4*020* PREDITOR TT V DURIC (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 10 92 57.0 ** Narrowly beaten two starts back in Class 2 this trip prior to Singapore Gold Cup failure. Hard to follow but race suits.
3 131*2* MR MALEK APP R ISKANDAR (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 8 91 56.5 *** Freshened after chasing Inferno home in Lion City Cup. Has won six of nine and if ready to go, will be too good for these.
4 075017 NEPEAN TT M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 12 90 56.0 * Won the EW Barker with no weight two back but only battled last start. Gate will test.
5 07060* MAKANANI B, EM M LERNER (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 1 87 54.5 * Resuming after a poor run of form and prefer others.
6 62101* SUPER DYNASTY B R MAIA (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 14 86 54.0 *** Drawn wide but win in the Colonial Chief on Poly was good and won three back in similar turf race to this. Big show.
7 140950 MY DREAMLINER TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 4 85 53.5 * Better on the Poly.
8 90*0*9 KING LOUIS B, TT
JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 9 83 52.5 * Tongue-tie off but lost all form.
9 287102 CHURCHILL B CC WONG (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 11 82 52.0 *** In the winning mix in Kranji Stakes A Company this trip last start and should play a role here with 52kg.
10 508971 LIM'S CRAFT O CHAVEZ (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 15 79 50.5 *** Drawn wide but won at Kranji Stakes A level this trip last start and have to respect.
11 0**021 TIME LORD TT CK NG (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 6 77 50.0 ** Back in trip and up in grade but will be doing best work late and can include in exotics.
12 10423 SINCERELY TT APP K HAKIM (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 13 76 50.0 ** Draw a concern for apprentice rider but in form and can win with any luck in running.
13 *28841 IRONSIDE TT APP F YUSOFF (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 5 73 50.0 ** Broke through for well deserved win last start and always some hope.
14 70*304 PER INPOWER
S JOHN (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 3 73 50.0 ** Finds it hard to win but will be strong late if race run to suit.
15 4**713 MAGIC WAND E1 B, TT APP T KRISNA (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 2 81 51.5 *** Excuses when placing behind Lim's Craft last start and has to be considered.
16 *0***7 LIM'S SAMURAI E2 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 16 77 50.0 * Lost form and drawn wide but trip and track does suit.

Race 10

Larry says, "A hard race to for pundits is the lucky last with two horses in LEGEND OF THE SUN and LIM'S BESTBREAKER coming off eye-catching runs, the two emergencies with winning hopes and a veteran in FLAK JACKET looking due. But it might be Vlad Duric on MY BIG BOSS who sends punters home happy. The 5YO had excuses last start (saddle slipped) and the race looks suitable to get back into the winners circle sans blinkers. But LIM'S BESTBREAKER had excuses not to go even closer (or win) in a similar affair last start and his work late has him under notice, as it does LEGEND OF THE SUN who gets the experienced Beuzelin. As mentioned, keep both emergencies in HEADHUNTER and LIM'S ZOOM very safe if they get a start as both can win and FLAK JACKET could give a sight with luck from the wide gate. Betting Strategy - MY BIG BOSS win."

RACE 10: CLASS 4 (1) - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 17:00 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 7, 3
1 176438 MY BIG BOSS B, TT
V DURIC (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 11 67 59.0 *** Excuses last start (saddle slipped) and will win in this Company sooner than later with blinkers to visor.
2 *20642 FLAK JACKET B J POWELL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 13 64 57.5 *** Veteran drawn wide but has enough early toe to give a sight. Keep safe.
3 39*074 LEGEND OF THE SUN TT L BEUZELIN (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 5 63 57.0 *** Ran on very well late last start over 1100m suggesting more to offer here with Beuzelin a factor.
4 40690 EXDREAM B, TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 12 60 55.5 * Prefer others.
5 66***6 WIND OF LIBERTY EM APP T KRISNA (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 3 57 54.0 ** Never really involved when resuming but work late was good and could improve at odds.
6 410*78 GAMELY B, TT APP K HAKIM (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 4 56 53.5 * Won one of these four starts back but has struggled since.
7 67212* LIM'S BESTBREAKER P T SEE (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 8 56 53.5 *** Won maiden trip and track before excuses not to win in similar affair last start. Can win this.
8 *0**0* SUPER POWER B
APP R ISKANDAR (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 10 54 52.5 * Blinkers off but prefer others.
9 ***800 GOLDEN DASH B JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 1 52 51.5 ** Resuming after some poor turf form but recent trials good enough to consider on his preferred surface. Value.
10 04*60* DIAMOND RUSH TT S JOHN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 7 51 51.0 * Not at his best of late.
11 *18*56 TRY MAK MAK TT N ZYRUL (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 14 50 50.5 * Might need Class 5 to win but work late last start suggests some in hand.
12 *763*1 GOOD CATCH B CK NG (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 2 49 50.0 * Fought hard late to win in Class 5 last start and that grade looks his caper.
13 8*5021 HEADHUNTER E1 (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 6 67 59.0 *** Knocked in a well deserved win last start in similar affair and pay to keep following.
14 *44520 LIM'S ZOOM E2 B
(N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 9 67 59.0 *** Down in grade, back in trip and enjoys the Poly so can win with blinkers off.

BB - Blinkers for the first time
PP - Pacifiers for the first time
B - Blinkers
BRS - Blinkers on the right side
BLS - Blinkers on the left side
P - Pacifiers
BP - Blinkers and Pacifiers
BP1 - Blinkers and Pacifiers for the first time
TT - Tongue Tied
WK - Winkers
VIS - Visor