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Race 1

Larry says, "Class droppers come to the fore in the opener with no less than three horses - RAPID FIRE, WELL DESERVED and MAN OF WORDS - back to their recent winning grade. Of the three, WELL DESERVED also gets blinkers and Vlad Duric and that same combination won easily the last time they raced over this same trip. Add the fact Duric has ridden the 5YO only twice for two wins suggests he is the one to beat. In saying that, RAPID FIRE won three starts back in a similar affair and keeps the same claiming hoop. He also looked to have some in hand last start and will be doing best work late and will figure. MAN OF WORDS is another who drops to his recent winning grade so has to be respected with market best guide. The veteran PIONEER SEVEN and TRIGAMY are both due and keep the Class droppers honest. Betting Strategy - WELL DESERVED win, saver on RAPID FIRE."

RACE 1: CLASS 5 (1) - 1000M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 18:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 4, 3, 6
1 4*0**7 EL CHAPO B L BEUZELIN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 11 48 59.0 * Very much appreciates drop to Class 5 but may be a better option on the turf. Market watch advised.
2 633522 PIONEER SEVEN TT R MAIA (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 14 48 59.0 *** Veteran who just missed last start and wide gate should see a positive ride.
3 8619*6 RAPID FIRE APP ZX TAN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 3 48 59.0 *** Won three back in similar affair and looked to have some in hand when running on in Class 4 last start. Hard to hold out.
V DURIC (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 13 48 59.0 *** Ignore recent poor form as gets blinkers added and Vlad Duric in Class 5 and won with that combination aligned.
5 200610 WINNER NUMBER ONE B, TT APP CK NG (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 6 48 59.0 ** Tough to follow but start costly last time out and won start prior. Keep safe.
6 19*089 MAN OF WORDS I SAIFUDIN (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 9 46 58.0 *** Another whose form reads only fair but drops to recent winning Class so expect improvement.
7 *0*756 PERFORMANTE EM S NOH (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 5 46 58.0 ** Should need longer but freshened and always going to be some hope in this grade.
8 *1004* CIZEN BOSS B M LERNER (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 7 45 57.5 * Improved effort in the wet last start but like to see more before considering.
9 04907 IN THE BLACK TT M RODD (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 12 44 57.0 * Resuming after bleeding attack and easier to ignore.
10 802080 SUPER TALENT S JOHN (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 1 44 57.0 * Gate helps but would need support before considering.
11 023533 TRIGAMY TT APP F YUSOFF (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 2 44 57.0 *** Finding it hard to win but in solid form and will figure in the mix.
12 *4088* ASIA SPIRIT TT T REHAIZAT (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 10 43 56.5 * Has speed but is finding it tough late.
13 05779* AMAZING MAN E1
APP S SHAFRIZAL (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 4 39 54.5 * Resuming and should need longer.
14 047355 ASSASSIN E2 B (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 8 34 52.0 * Another speedy type who struggles late.

Race 2

Larry says, "Not many winning chances in this Class 5 Poly event over 1700m and while we will play with care, it does look a race in two between SPORTSCASTER and last start winner, SCOOTER. Duric tried to pinch it last start on SPORTSCASTER and given that was after working early from a wide alley, gate 3 is a factor in this field and he should be hard to catch. But SCOOTER won with some ease last start and while that race was a weak one, this field lacks depth and he looks the obvious danger to SPORTSCASTER. For exotics, BIG REGARDS can be considered although he is a better option on the turf, while MILITARY CHAIRMAN and FLASH THE FLAG can also be included. Keep both emergencies safe if they get a start. Betting Strategy - SPORTSCASTER and SCOOTER forecast."

RACE 2: CLASS 5 - 1700M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 18:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 6, 1
1 607473 BIG REGARDS B R MAIA (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 11 45 57.5 ** A better winning option on the turf but will win sooner than later in this Company so keep safe.
2 679422 SPORTSCASTER TT V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 3 45 57.5 *** Did it tough from wide gate last start and almost pinched it. Hard to beat from batter alley.
3 732646 ANGEL HALO M LERNER (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 13 43 56.5 * Has been super disappointing with support at recent runs and looks risk again from wide gate.
P MOLONEY (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 10 41 55.5 ** Disappointing of late but some hope on best form with blinkers added.
5 013966 WHIZZY WALTZZY APP M NIZAR (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 6 41 55.5 * Battling of late but runs on late when in the mood.
6 23*31* SCOOTER WK K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 9 37 53.5 *** Bolted in last start in a relatively weak field but was in form prior and pay to follow.
7 9*659* WINS B I AZHAR (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 12 32 51.0 * Battler.
8 *447** GINGERMAN P R MUNGER (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 8 30 50.0 * Battles away as a rule but may need an easier race than this.
9 *68546 FLASH THE FLAG B A COLLETT (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 1 28 50.0 ** Maiden who has yet to run a place but recent form solid and could give a sight at odds.
10 70702* HOLY GRAIL WK, TT APP N ZYRUL (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 4 28 50.0 * Beaten a long way into second behind Scooter last start but that was an improvement.
11 3903*0 CROWN DELIGHT BP JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 7 26 50.0 * The odd placing of late but easier to ignore as a rule.
12 05*0*5 KING WARRIOR VIS TH KOH (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 14 22 50.0 * Didn't need the wide alley.
13 837772 EL PRIMERO E1 L BEUZELIN (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 5 40 55.0 ** Rarely seen on the Poly but placed last start so keep an eye on the market.
14 876*38 ACCUMULATION E2 TT, SR (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 2 38 54.0 ** Longterm maiden who goes OK on his day so can include in exotics.

Race 3

Larry says, "A very weak maiden and it may pay to have a good look at the tote on the day as the exposed race and trial form is sketchy at best. Hopefully two that can improve on weak debuts on the back of good subsequent trials in SHOWBOUND and CRYSTAL DIAMOND are the ones to watch. SHOWBOUND had raced previously in Australia and while his local debut was only fair, he will appreciate the Poly on the back of a good trial and should improve lengths. CRYSTAL DIAMOND struggled on debut but gets blinkers added and he should also improve with a good trial under his belt. Of the others with raced form, AWESOME CONQUEROR and the second emergency, FORT MUSTANG, both placed at their respective last starts so have to be considered. Of the debutantes, SAINT KNIGHT was pushed to win his trial but that effort good enough to give a sight, while WEALTH ELITE, PEFECT MISSION and RINGS OF FIRE all looked comfortable at recent trials so market best guide. Betting Strategy - small win on SHOWBOUND."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 6, 7
1 6 SHOWBOUND TT A COLLETT (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 4 56 57.0 *** Appreciates Singapore debut and subsequent good hit out at trials. Should give a sight in this field.
2 409 QIJI STAR B R MAIA (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 11 46 57.0 * Saddle slipped last start but looks nuisance value only.
3 78*672 AWESOME CONQUEROR B R MUNGER (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 5 42 57.0 ** Improved to place in Class 5 on the turf last start and this Maiden field may be weak enough to play a part.
4 6359*8 BELIEVER
S JOHN (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 13 42 57.0 * Needs longer.
5 5805*0 BOOM ALMIGHTY B M LERNER (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 2 38 57.0 * Struggles.
M RODD (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 6 0 57.0 *** Struggled on debut but has trialled well since, gets blinkers and should improve lengths.
7 SAINT KNIGHT S NOH (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 10 0 57.0 *** Drawn awkwardly and pushed to win Official Trial but that effort may be good enough in this field.
8 WEALTH ELITE P MOLONEY (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 3 0 57.0 *** Looked to be doing it comfortably at recent trial and worth thought on debut with tote best guide.
9 MISS FORTUNE M EWE (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 7 0 55.5 * Market only guide on the back of quiet local trial.
10 9 LION SPIRIT APP CK NG (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 8 0 54.0 * Nothing on debut and no.
11 PERFECT MISSION J SEE (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 1 0 54.0 *** Looked to be doing in easy enough at Official Trial to consider on debut with gate 1 a factor.
12 RINGS OF FIRE APP S SHAFRIZAL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 12 0 48.0 *** Very early 2YO who looked comfortable at recent trial and has no weight. Gate could test.
13 0 NEW GARDEN E1 (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 9 0 57.0 * Nothing on debut but may improve for the effort.
14 00*982 FORT MUSTANG E2 B L BEUZELIN (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 14 47 57.0 *** Drawn the carpark but gave a sight last start in an equally weak field so must be considered if he gets a start.

Race 4

Larry says, "A crazy race with three horses all resuming after long breaks in the mix as well as some pacey types and handy swooper or two to keep it interesting. Starting with the on-pace runners, FIRST CHOICE showed more than enough first up after a bleeding attack to think he can go forward and give a sight under M Lerner, while GOLDEN DASH is in form, can lead from gate 3 and is always a winning show. Of the swoopers, the first emergency - ROYAL PAVILION - is in form, has Duric and will be very strong late, while HOT SHOT SLAMS and the second emergency - MOONGATE STAR - will also be running on. LIM'S DASHING, SATELLITE WARRIOR and DAVID'S SLING are the trio resuming and all have claims with market best guide. SACRED DON down in grade and AWESOME second-up back on the Poly two more to keep safe. Betting Strategy - FIRST CHOICE win."

RACE 4: CLASS 4 (2) - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 19:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 13, 6
1 1077*8 SACRED DON TT
M RODD (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 13 67 59.0 *** Draw an obvious concern but gets head-gear back and drops to recent winning grade so can win.
2 363192 FIRST CHOICE VIS M LERNER (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 7 65 58.0 *** Chased home a good winner when resuming and should figure prominently in this.
3 3474*0 PREFERRED APP ZX TAN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 11 65 58.0 ** Never involved from wide gate when resuming after long break but will improve with a more positive ride.
4 5*02*3 LIM'S DASHING
APP F YUSOFF (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 9 63 57.0 ** Resuming on the back on three quiet trials with tongue-tie added. Market only guide but will work home strongly in right.
5 57117* SATELLITE WARRIOR JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 10 63 57.0 *** Resuming, also with plenty of quiet trials. Can win on best form with market watch advised.
6 14313* DAVID'S SLING B, TT
M EWE (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 2 62 56.5 *** Resuming under similar circumstances to others. Blinkers off, gate helps and watch for support.
7 ASAAD T REHAIZAT (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 4 61 56.0 * One-time winner (1600m) from Argentina who may need longer on the back on quiet local trials.
8 02420* AWESOME B APP M NIZAR (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 1 60 55.5 *** Appreciates first-up run and switch back to his preferred surface with gate 1 a bonus. Value.
9 261441 GOLDEN DASH B, SR R MAIA (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 3 57 54.0 *** In form, recent trial good and will figure prominently from gate 3.
10 418*8* GOLDEN THUNDER J SEE (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 14 51 51.0 * Needs Class 5.
11 05*4** HOTSHOTS SLAM K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 6 50 50.5 *** Slowly getting back to Juvenile form and did enough last start to follow from better gate.
TH KOH (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 8 49 50.0 * Will be running on but blinkers off and needs longer.
13 533163 ROYAL PAVILION E1 V DURIC (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 12 59 55.0 *** Swooper who is in fine form and hard to hold out if race run to suit.
14 *14332 MOONGATE STAR E2 BP (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 5 58 54.5 *** Progressive 3YO who runs on strongly and would give this a shake if he gets a start.

Race 5

Larry says, "In a Covit-19 ravaged world, any racing is good racing but this particular race could test that theory. And a few speedsters have 'ticker' issues late, which will make the punters life tough in the final 50m. Where to start? DAVID'S STAR is one of those speedsters and given he almost pinched it last start and gets the 'Duric Drive', he may hang on in this weak field. ELITE SAINT and the emergency, RED ROAR, also have speed and they should figure prominently throughout. SUPER WIN and TURF BEAUTY two others that have found a weak enough race to win and DOMINIC could be an improver. STAR EFFECT placed last start on the turf but his Poly form is a worry. Betting Strategy - self-isolate or a small win bet DAVID'S STAR."

RACE 5: CLASS 5 (2) - 1000M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 7, 8, 9
1 5*770* NOVA FACTOR B
K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 1 42 59.0 * Blinkers off but lost form.
2 005903 STAR EFFECT TT APP ZX TAN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 13 42 59.0 ** Improved effort to place last start on turf but Poly form an issue as is gate.
3 027423 TURF BEAUTY TT, SR M LERNER (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 14 42 59.0 *** In solid form and has placed on the Poly but a better option on the turf and wide gate could test.
4 9*0549 DOMINIC B, TT
T REHAIZAT (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 5 41 58.5 ** Never involved when resuming and should need longer but this race is weak so keep safe sans blinkers.
5 9709*7 EVIL ROADSTER SR S JOHN (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 9 41 58.5 ** Every chance in similar affair last start but this field is as weak as you can get so worth another look on solid recent trial.
6 *0000* SPIRIT SEVEN BP M EWE (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 7 41 58.5 * No.
7 780095 DAVID'S STAR P, EM V DURIC (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 6 40 58.0 *** Speedster who almost pinched it last start and Duric may lift him home.
8 40495* ELITE SAINT SR APP M NIZAR (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 3 39 57.5 *** Not a mile away last start but has speed, gate 3 helps and has to be a show in this field.
9 38044* SUPER WIN TT, VIS JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 11 39 57.5 *** Drawn a tad awkwardly but in better form than most and should figure at the business end.
J SEE (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 4 29 52.5 ** A win would surprise but race weak enough to include in exotics with blinkers added.
11 955000 RICH FORTUNE WK, TT I SAIFUDIN (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 12 22 50.0 * Battling.
12 5*68*0 TOP BANANA B A COLLETT (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 2 22 50.0 * Easier to ignore.
13 749064 RED ROAR E1 TT (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 10 39 57.5 *** Maiden who has speed and may not get a better chance than this.
14 89*887 STELLA POLARE E2 B (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 8 33 54.5 * A battler.

Race 6

Larry says, "This maiden lacks depth and while we will make a case for MORE THAN OIL who may be the improver at odds, it's does look a race in three between ST ALWYN, GOLD PRIZE and LIM'S TORPEDO. The tote may be best guide on the day but as it stands, GOLD PRIZE has placed two from three, gets blinkers and certainly gets his chance from gate 3 in this field. The jockey of ST ALWYN suggested the 4YO didn't handle the Poly track last start but that was in Class 4 Company and the effort wasn't that bad, so he is worth serious thought with Duric up in Maiden Company. LIM'S TORPEDO is resuming with a few quiet trials under his belt but given he just missed on debut with a similar preparation, he can win. As mentioned, MORE THAN OIL may be the improver on the back of a solid trial and should be long odds. GEB WARRIOR and DEE MAK MAK for exotics. Betting Strategy - GOLD PRIZE win."

RACE 6: MAIDEN - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$20000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 3, 2, 7
1 *09 I AM THE STAR TT APP S SHAFRIZAL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 13 57 59.0 * Trials like a goo horse but race for terrible so take on trust.
2 63227* ST ALWYN V DURIC (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 4 52 56.5 *** Jockey suggested he didn't handle the Poly last start but that was in Class 4 and should go close in this Company.
R MUNGER (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 3 48 54.5 *** Ran on super last start, only unplaced run was in Novice Company and gets blinkers so can win.
M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 8 46 53.5 * Blinkers back on but looks a battler.
5 *956** FAIRY'S WING B APP ZX TAN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 14 46 53.5 * Should improve with racing but drawn wide so maybe later.
6 5*0260 GEB WARRIOR B, TT APP F YUSOFF (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 5 46 53.5 ** Disappointing last couple but goes OK on his day so worth thought in exotics.
7 8**27* LIM'S TORPEDO B
K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 6 46 53.5 *** Resuming with quiet trials under his belt but best run was on debut in similar circumstances so can win with tongue-tie added.
APP CK NG (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 2 44 52.5 * Gets winkers but needs to improve.
9 080*7* MORE THAN OIL B
S JOHN (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 1 43 52.0 ** Resuming after a terrible run of form but recent trial looked comfortable so worth a look from gate 1.
10 70*59* TIN'S MACHINE B
APP M NIZAR (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 10 40 50.5 * Blinkers off but not for me.
11 569447 DEE MAK MAK BP, TT JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 11 33 50.0 ** Drawn awkwardly but in solid enough form to consider in a race like this.
12 3*04*9 RIVER HAPPINESS B TH KOH (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 9 23 50.0 * Battling away and needs longer.
13 **6779 COMMUNICATION E1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 12 44 52.5 * Form poor and drawn wide but may improve on the back of a solid recent trial.
14 8670 SHOW ROYALE E2 B, TT (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 7 44 52.5 * No.

Race 7

Larry says, "A competitive Class 3 over 1600m with not much between the top chances. MINISTER took on Group company at his first Singapore start and while that proved too ambitious, his record over this trip in the UK was good and he can win this on the back of two nice trials. WOLF WARRIOR showed last start why the Poly is his caper, this distance suits and with blinkers back on can go on with it. GLASGOW has been close up at both runs since resuming, will be fitter now over a suitable trip and he will get a good run from the inside gate; with Noh Senari to ride and blinker/pacifiers going on he maps as hardest to beat. INHERIT is in solid form and fought on well to place over this trip last start in a similar race, while LUCK OF MASTER struggled last start but is better suited this track and distance and with a 3kg claim for Zyrul, will get a good run throughout. Betting Strategy MINISTER win, saver on WOLF WARRIOR."

RACE 7: CLASS 3 - 1600M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 21:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$70000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 6, 4, 2
1 *0*970 EAGLE EYE B, TT APP F YUSOFF (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 4 77 58.0 * Struggled since resuming and yet to win beyond 1400m but may enjoy Poly.
2 706665 GLASGOW
S NOH (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 1 75 57.0 *** Fitter for recent outings and blinker/pacifiers go on. Like this trip and will get a good run throughout. Hard to beat.
3 263804 ELITE CONQUEST TT, VIS M LERNER (N/A) T FITZSIMMONS (N/A) 11 74 56.5 ** Ran on very well late (after bad start) over 1200m when resuming. Has battled since coming to Singapore but won five times in Canada before arrival. May appreciate 1600m.
J SEE (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 5 73 56.0 *** Showed improvement last start and blinkers go back on. Has won up to 1700m in this class and should get a good run throughout.
5 054218 MIGHTY KENNY SR R MUNGER (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 6 72 55.5 ** Has respiratory issues and not helped by heavy track last start following Class 4 win over 2000m. Has a good record at this trip and cannot be ignored.
6 0 MINISTER M RODD (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 3 72 55.5 *** Took on Group Company at first Singapore outing and never flattered. Will find this easier, trip suits and can win on the back of two nice trials.
7 347103 INHERIT TT L BEUZELIN (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 7 70 54.5 *** Fought on well in similar company last start and enjoys the Poly so can consider.
8 736116 LUCK OF MASTER WK APP N ZYRUL (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 2 70 54.5 *** Struggled last start after back-to-back Class 4 wins. Surface and distance suit. Draws to do no work and with 3kg claim will run on.
9 **6*11 YAYA PAPAYA B K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 12 70 54.5 ** Has found form with back-to-back Class 4 wins. Class 3 has tested in the past but winning form is good form and handles the Poly.
10 07*676 REVOLUTION B JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 10 69 54.0 * Query the trip but was OK late last start suggesting some in hand. Value.
11 43*825 MR HOOPER P MOLONEY (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 9 68 53.5 * Not far away at past two outings over 1400m. Yet to win beyond 1200m and 1600m may test.
12 2*6838 GOLD CITY EM R MAIA (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 8 65 52.0 ** Will run on but like to see in easier Company.

Race 8

Larry says, "This 1600m Class 4 looks tailor-made for MADE IN RUSSIA who is racing consistently without winning and didn't have the best of luck last start over this trip; with a more positive ride he will be hard to beat. The progressive one is THE WILD BUNCH who has won two of his last four starts but may have found 1600m a tad beyond him last; he carries 1.5kg more here and from a good gate will be near the lead all the way but take on trust at the journey. Of the others that can win on recent form, MACGREGOR drops in class after showing some improvement last start and he has a good polytrack record, while ELITE REMARKABLE was a Group One horse in Argentina and while yet to fire in Singapore, he has steadily dropped in grade, gets Vlad Duric and from gate one is capable of improvement. ELITE SILVERGHOST is another Argentinean yet to win in Singapore but hasn't been far away at his past two outings and placed four of five 1600m attempts in Argentina. Betting Strategy - MADE IN RUSSIA win."

RACE 8: CLASS 4 - 1600M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 21:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 7, 4
1 6*5232 MADE IN RUSSIA TT, VIS R MAIA (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 6 67 59.0 *** Slowly away, hampered and ran on late over this trip last start. Meets a similar field and with a more positive ride hard to beat.
2 886906 MCGREGOR APP S SHAFRIZAL (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 8 67 59.0 *** Showed some improvement last start and will appreciate drop in grade. Has a good polytrack and distance suits. Watch for support.
3 3*033* SOLO SUN TT S NOH (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 14 67 59.0 ** Resuming and this trip may suit first-up. Will get back can run on. Value.
4 557566 ELITE REMARKABLE TT V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 1 65 58.0 *** Yet to win since arriving from Argentina and has steadily dropped in grade. Gets Vlad Duric and from gate one capable of improvement.
5 364903 ATHLETICA B, TT M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 13 64 57.5 ** Ran on to be in the finish over 1800m last start. Drops back in trip but should be closing late.
6 46***7 GREEN STAR APP ZX TAN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 7 64 57.5 ** Loomed before fading last start at first outing in 14 weeks. Will strip fitter and gets 4kg claim. Keep safe.
7 1413 THE WILD BUNCH TH KOH (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 5 62 56.5 *** Progressive type run down in similar company last starts. Rises 1.5kg and should be prominent for a long way.
8 4154*9 MATSURIBAYASHI B L BEUZELIN (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 2 61 56.0 ** Did nothing when resuming but suited this surface and distance. Can improve.
9 008063 ELITE SILVERGHOST EM M LERNER (N/A) T FITZSIMMONS (N/A) 11 60 55.5 ** Not far away at past two outings, Placed four times over this trip before arrival. Will run on.
10 608456 TOUCH THE CLOUDS B K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 9 60 55.5 * Battling at recent outings. Improvement needed.
11 07089* ACROBAT JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 4 50 50.5 * Had respiratory issues when resuming and didn't show up last start. Needs to improve.
12 9*4880 BLITZ POWER WK, TT J SEE (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 12 49 50.0 * Needs easier.
13 00058* SUPERNOVA E1 P, TT (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 3 59 55.0 * Veteran. Battling at recent outings.
14 574459 STAR EMPIRE E2 B (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 10 58 54.5 ** Will appreciate drop in grade and has won at the trip. Watch market.

Race 9

Larry says, "A Class 4 over 1100m and this is the right race for TOOSBIES. He dropped back into Class 4 last start after three ordinary Class 3 efforts and immediately rediscovered form racing handy before finishing second to HURRIAN. His last win was this class and distance, Vlad Duric retains the mount and he will be hardest to beat. However, CELAVI is a progressive filly with plenty of speed and rises 3.5kg on her easy win in this grade last start over 1000m; she might be too classy. CHALAZA is proven in this grade and ran on solidly last start; he will enjoy a strong speed and be closing late. The wild cards are SUN CHESS who won at Listed level in Australia before arrival and has trialled well enough to win at his Singapore debut, while the ex-Hong Kong galloper FIRST CHIEF showed speed at his first Singapore outing and long ago placed in Maribyrnong Plate at Flemington. Betting Strategies - CHALAZA each-way."

RACE 9: CLASS 4 (1) - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 22:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (0)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 4, 5, 2
1 SUN CHESS P MOLONEY (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 14 67 59.0 *** Won two of eight before arrival including a Listed race at Moonee Valley over 1200m. Awkwardly drawn but should be up to this Class on the back of two nice trials.
2 0*0**2 TOOSBIES V DURIC (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 3 67 59.0 *** Dropped back into Class 4 last start and rediscovered form. Last win was this class and distance. From good gate will be handy throughout.
3 0*0*00 DIAMONDS TT T REHAIZAT (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 2 65 58.0 * Struggling to beat a runner home since arriving in Singapore.
4 1381 CELAVI SR L BEUZELIN (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 6 64 57.5 *** Progressive type winning two of four outings. Speedy and the one to run down.
5 32693* CHALAZA M RODD (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 9 64 57.5 *** Ran on solidly last start. Placed at past two outings this class and distance. Will enjoy strong speed and be closing late.
6 4 FIRST CHIEF M LERNER (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 13 64 57.5 ** Put in a solid effort when leading at first Singapore outing since coming from Hong Kong. Has speed and wide gate no help.
7 689046 SUPER SIX TT S JOHN (N/A) J LIM (N/A) 8 64 57.5 * Enjoys the poly but battling at recent starts.
8 562665 LONGHU TT M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 11 61 56.0 ** Placed over this trip four starts back, Hasn't won for a while but rarely far away.
9 0 FABULOUS ONE TT M EWE (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 5 60 55.5 * Won Donald Maiden before arrival but showed nothing at first Singapore outing. Might need easier.
10 *15*** EXTRA WIN B, TT I SAIFUDIN (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 1 52 51.5 * Won Class 5 over this trip two starts back. Speedy and gate helps but class may test.
11 1*000* BROADWAY SUCCESS TT JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 7 51 51.0 * Tested on efforts since resuming.
12 *74621 UNCLE LUCKY P, TT J SEE (N/A) J ONG (N/A) 4 49 50.0 * Won Class 5 last start and this is tougher.
13 180473 GRAND CHOICE E1 I AZHAR (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 12 59 55.0 ** Drops back to preferred trip and surface after good effort on turf last start. Has speed but gate tests.
14 508949 LORD O'REILLY E2 WK, TT (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 10 58 54.5 * Tested on recent form.

BB - Blinkers for the first time
PP - Pacifiers for the first time
B - Blinkers
BRS - Blinkers on the right side
BLS - Blinkers on the left side
P - Pacifiers
BP - Blinkers and Pacifiers
BP1 - Blinkers and Pacifiers for the first time
TT - Tongue Tied
WK - Winkers
VIS - Visor