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Race 1

Larry says, "It's safe to say any horse that has two-time Champion Singapore jockey Vlad Duric on-board comes into calculations. But when you consider that the horse he jumps on in the opener - SOUTHERN GLORY - was beaten a whisker by a horse he rode last start (Red Riding Wood), that should make the difference. Obviously the horse is due and the mile looks his caper and he will very hard to beat in a field with no depth. In fact only two horses should bother him on recent form with last start winner KUBERA'S CHIEF and the maiden YULONG HOLY FLYING both worth consideration. KUBERA'S CHIEF steps up from 1200m but handles the trip and should figure prominently while YULONG HOLY FLYING has drawn well enough in gate 7 to think he has every chance in the field to break his maiden status at start 17. ROAN RANGER, BERLINETTA and the emergency, AEOLUS, for exotics. Betting Strategy - SOUTHERN GLORY win."

RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1600M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 18:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (5)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 7, 2
1 *0732 SOUTHERN GLORY B V DURIC (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 6 43 57.0 *** Just beaten last start in similar affair and gets Duric so hard to beat.
2 804*1 KUBERA'S CHIEF EM APP N HANAFI-4 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 9 42 56.5 *** Testing the trip for the first time but won well last start and should figure prominently with luck from wide gate.
APP S SHAFRIZAL-2 (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 5 41 56.0 * Blinkers off, tongue-tie on but impossible on form.
4 00094 ROAN RANGER APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 3 41 56.0 ** Did the work and battled on well enough in similar affair last start to consider from gate 3.
JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 1 41 56.0 * Not a mile away last start when blinkers added and gets gate 1 but Poly form a query.
APP WS CHAN-3 (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 13 40 55.5 ** Disappointing last start and drawn wide but gets tongue-tie and runs on when in the mood.
7 33275 YULONG HOLY FLYING APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 7 39 55.0 *** Longterm maiden status a concern but in solid form and gets his chance from fair gate.
8 26**7 AVENGERS HERO B M LERNER (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 12 38 54.5 * Only battled last start in similar affair from wide gate and no favours again here.
9 66019 BERLINETTA B, TT APP CC WONG (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 10 36 53.5 ** Tough to follow but won one of these on the Poly two back so keep safe.
10 00458 MIRACLE WEI WEI B B THOMPSON (N/A) M YUSOF (N/A) 11 36 53.5 * Has shown glimpses but drawn wide and easier to ignore as a rule.
11 000*0 RELIC WARRIOR B K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 4 32 51.5 * No.
TH KOH-1 (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 2 30 50.5 * OK last start but was struggling prior and not for me with tongue-tie off.
13 07867 AEOLUS E1 UNFIXED (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 8 26 50.0 ** Form reads badly but looked to have something in the tank last start over 1200m so can include in exotics at value.
14 00006 KING OF GLORY E2 B UNFIXED (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 14 25 50.0 * Battled away OK last start struggles as a rule.

Race 2

Larry says, "He may be on debut in a good Restricted Maiden field, but given what IN THE BLACK showed at his two Official Trials, he might be hard to beat. The US-bred 3YO looked to be doing it easy on both occasions and from a fair gate (6) with a handy pull in the weights, he must go close. He will need to bring his trial form to the races as EASY SOUTH EAST looks a very handy type. The 3YO showed more than enough on debut to think he wins very soon and given he has backed that effort up with a good trial, he should figure. Of the rest with winning hopes, both GAMELY and AXEL are very honest and should be in the mix. Of the rest, the other debutante - HOSTWIN CHEVALIER - has shown enough at the odd trial to consider in exotics with market best guide while SALAMENCE could improve with blinkers back on. Betting Strategy - IN THE BLACK win."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 12, 7, 1
1 54543 GAMELY B JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 2 51 57.0 *** In very honest form and get this chance in this field with gate 2 a bonus.
R WOODWORTH (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 5 49 57.0 ** Struggling at his last couple but gets blinkers back on and tongue-tie so could improve.
3 24665 AXEL BP V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 8 46 57.0 *** Excuses last start and effort to wire good enough to win this.
4 8568 MY BOSS APP CC WONG (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 4 45 57.0 * Never involved from wide gate last start but OK late so could improve from the better alley.
5 0909 ANDRE BB
M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 12 44 57.0 * Resuming sans blinkers and very hard to consider.
6 3679* THE JEWELLER B C MURRAY (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 10 43 57.0 * Having first start on the Poly and easier to ignore.
7 3 EASY SOUTH EAST TT B THOMPSON (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 9 0 57.0 *** Backed up good debut with a nice trial and hard to hold out sans tongue-tie.
8 HOSTWIN CHEVALIER M LERNER (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 7 0 57.0 ** Makes debut with the odd OK trial under his belt but market best guide.
9 9 LIM'S RAY T SEE-1 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 3 0 57.0 * Only battled on debut and prefer others.
10 06 MONTRER M KELLADY (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 11 0 57.0 * Drawn badly yet again and hard to have.
G BOSS (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 1 0 55.5 * Should improve on what was an ordinary debut but like to see more.
12 IN THE BLACK K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 6 0 54.0 *** US-bred 3YO who has impressed at two Official trials and could be hard to hold out on debut.

Race 3

Larry says, "Not too many Class 4's as weak as this one, which should give a newcomer from Australia in SOUTHERN WIND a chance to win at his Singapore debut. The 4YO won once from some nine starts (and placed another five) before arriving and while that win was over 1400m, it was on the synthetic and his good local trial suggests he is ready to show up. In his favour is nothing jumps off the page to beat him expect perhaps for a handy type resuming in FIRE AWAY. The 3YO won once and placed twice from four starts before a short spell and he should be ready to show his best first up and can win in this weak field. Others that could show up given the lack of depth include STAR EMPIRE who lost his rider last start and should go OK in Class 4, DREAMWEAVER with best work expected late with UNCLE LUCKY and LUCKY MASTER also in the mix. Betting Strategy - SOUTHERN WIND win."

RACE 3: CLASS 4 (1) - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 19:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 3, 1
1 08*00 STAR EMPIRE B S JOHN (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 2 61 57.0 ** Form reads badly but was on the pace last start before losing the rider and worth another look in this company.
2 SOUTHERN WIND R WOODWORTH (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 9 60 56.5 *** Former Australian whose only win was on the synthetic and local trial good enough to consider at Singapore debut with support likely.
3 1733* FIRE AWAY APP CC WONG (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 4 59 56.0 *** Resuming. Trialled solidly. Showed promise last preparation an depths field weak enough to show up.
4 0027* DREAMWEAVER TT C MURRAY (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 7 57 55.0 ** Mixing his form but traffic excuses last start and should work into this late.
5 2009* THE CAPITAL B, TT APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 6 57 55.0 * Struggled when resuming. Will find these too sharp.
6 38400 GRAND KNIGHT B, SR Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 10 54 53.5 * Drawn wide and struggling.
7 3900* SECRET SQUIRREL B, TT APP F YUSOFF-4 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 8 51 52.0 * Resuming with some OK trials under his belt so market good guide.
8 70724 UNCLE LUCKY P, TT TH KOH-1 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 3 51 52.0 ** May need it easier to win but this Class 4 is very weak so can consider.
9 39*65 LUCKY MASTER B, TT APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 5 49 51.0 ** Runs on when in the mood and can figure in exotics with no weight.
10 49618 RACING TALENT B, TT APP N ZYRUL-3 (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 1 48 50.5 * Gate 1 helps but needs Class 5.

Race 4

Larry says, "Another race - this time at KSD level - that has no depth and a former Malaysian in PURPLE RAIN should be hardest to beat. After breaking his maiden by some six lengths before arriving, the 3YO came in for heavy support at his Singapore debut and while beaten into third place, his gutsy effort suggests he will win his share of races and this does look his for the taking. In his favour are the likely challengers in CRAZY DREAM and RED CLAW aren't the types to win out of turn but both very much appreciate the drop to KSD Company and should race well. Of the others, TURF BEAUTY and LIM'S PERSHING could be considered for exotics but a win would surprise. Betting Strategy - PURPLE RAIN win."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 5, 2, 4
1 06615 SILVER JOY B, TT TH KOH-1 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 10 55 58.0 * Resuming with solid trial. Broke maiden status over the mile and that may be his caper.
2 08474 CRAZY DREAMS APP WS CHAN-3 (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 5 54 58.0 *** Showed more than enough last start to think he is ready to win again with KSD Company ideal.
APP N ZYRUL-3 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 11 54 58.0 * Blinkers off but only battling.
4 31790 RED CLAW B, TT B THOMPSON (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 4 54 58.0 *** Form reads badly but appreciates better gate and drop back to recent winning grade. Keep safe.
5 213 PURPLE RAIN EM APP CC WONG (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 3 53 58.0 *** Former Malaysian who fought hard to just miss at Singapore debut and hard to beat here.
6 90286 LIM'S PERSHING EM T SEE-1 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 7 48 56.5 ** Tough to follow but will appreciate dropping back from the mile and can figure at value.
7 40338 TURF BEAUTY TT M RODD (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 2 47 56.5 ** Swooper who was never involved last start and can figure on form prior with best work expected late.
8 5183* GANGNAM CLASSIC TT APP F YUSOFF-4 (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 6 43 55.0 * Solid as a rule but placed last start in Class 5 and that may be his caper.
9 46*00 LIM'S HUNTER B, EM T REHAIZAT-1 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 9 43 55.0 * Appreciates first up run but is eligible for easier.
10 798* OFFICIAL JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 8 43 55.0 * Resuming after a poor first campaign but recent trial OK and could improve.
11 7*566 PENNSYLVANIA APP S SHAFRIZAL-2 (N/A) J TAN (N/A) 1 43 55.0 * Maiden who wasn't a mile away last start for new stable and could sneak a place at odds from gate 1.

Race 5

Larry says, "This Class 4 Poly sprint over 1100m has more depth than the earlier division but again, it is not a strong race which gives SUPER SIX a chance to turn some solid form into a win. The 8YO is certainly due and from gate 4 he should get every chance and will figure prominently throughout for S John. Plenty of others that can win including CROUCHING SUN who will need luck from the wide gate with a 3kg claimer on-board, PIONEER SEVEN who was due prior to having excuses last start, while the only last start winner in the field - THUNDERSTRUCK - will have admirers to go on with the job although this is obviously a tad harder. The improver is OTTAWA down in grade with M Rodd a factor. Include numbers 2, 3, 6 and 8 in exotics. Betting Strategy - CROUCHING SUN each-way."

RACE 5: CLASS 4 (2) - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 5, 7, 1
1 88658 OTTAWA M RODD (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 3 61 58.0 *** Form reads badly but OK late last start and should grow a leg back in Class 4 with Rodd up from gate 3.
2 8775* SATELLITE WINNER TH KOH-1 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 11 60 57.5 ** Hasn't won for a while but ran on solidly last start and could figure late.
3 19798 DASH T SEE-1 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 8 59 57.0 ** Disappointing last start but has speed and could try to pinch this.
4 84071 THUNDERSTRUCK B APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 9 59 57.0 *** Made all the running when winning in slightly easier company last start and happy to follow.
5 322*3 SUPER SIX TT, EM S JOHN (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 4 58 56.5 *** Due and did it tough enough last start from wide alley to think he s hard to hold out from gate 4.
6 10106 JUMPIN JACK VIS C MURRAY (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 6 57 56.0 ** Form looks patchy but you could make excuses for some of his poor effort of late and consider from gate 6.
7 6773* CROUCHING SUN B APP N ZYRUL-3 (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 10 56 55.5 *** In form, handles the Poly and can win with any luck for 3kg claimer from wide gate.
8 32516 LIBECCIO B APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 5 56 55.5 ** Never a threat when resuming but improves for the outing and worth thought in exotics.
9 4220* PIONEER SEVEN TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 1 56 55.5 *** Returned lame last outing and was due prior. Has speed and goes close if he can make use of the ace.
10 88628 BASILISK SR
Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 2 54 54.5 * Back in trip and may be looking for easier.
11 50387 SO CALLED APP M NIZAR-4 (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 7 49 52.0 * Pulled up lame when running on solidly last start but is a maiden and eligible for easier.
CS CHIN-3 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 12 45 50.0 * Has struggled since Class 5 win and may need that grade with visor off.

Race 6

Larry says, "Plenty of winning hopes in this 2000m event and while MAJESTIC EMPRESS hasn't won for a long time, she has placed at all three outings over 2000m and must go close here. Her recent form is solid and she can be in the finish again with Vlad Duric from gate 1 a factor. The most consistent performer in the field is LIM'S PRIDE who has won and placed at his past three starts up to a mile; Troy See stays on and his breeding suggests the trip may be within his compass. For those prepared to be more speculative, MIDDLE KINGDOM won over this trip in the UK before arrival and his best run in Singapore was over this trip in better company, while ZA'EEM is suited in this class and whilst untried at 2000m, races as though the trip will suit he could be running on late. Of the others ALAMAK will be running on and should be each-way value, while LARRY, SUN PITTSBURGH and WAIALAE can be considered in exotics. Betting Strategy - MAJESTIC EMPRESS win."

RACE 6: CLASS 4 - 2000M COURSE A (SC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 20:55 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 5, 3, 1
1 56123 LIM'S PRIDE T SEE-1 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 4 61 57.5 *** Consistent and ran on well last start over 1400m. Suited this class and being by Casino Prince, may appreciate this distance. Hard to hold off.
2 0768 MIDDLE KINGDOM M RODD (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 6 61 57.5 *** Won twice in UK before arrival once over 2011m and best Singapore outing was over this trip. Can show up for Michael Rodd dropping to Class 4.
3 93865 ZA'EEM WK C MURRAY (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 2 60 57.0 *** Has been running on over shorter trips so distance may suit. Keep safe.
APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 13 59 56.5 * Gets a tongue-tie but only plodded over this trip last start. Needs to improve on recent efforts.
5 28243 MAJESTIC EMPRESS V DURIC (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 1 58 56.0 *** Hasn't won for a long time but form sound and has placed at all three previous attempts at this trip. Big show in suitable company.
M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 8 56 55.0 * Only battled last start but blinker/pacifiers come off. One-paced but distance suits.
7 42319 EINSTEIN'S CROSS G BOSS (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 7 55 54.5 * Disappointed last start on but has trialled since. Previous form solid but on trial trip and best form is on poly. Senior rider may help.
8 0*53* WAIALAE B M LERNER (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 11 55 54.5 ** Placed over 1600m last start. Awkwardly drawn but may appreciate this trip.
9 3355* SUN PITTSBURGH EM S JOHN (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 3 54 54.0 ** Ran on from well back last start and expect much the same stepping up in trip.
10 *34*4 ALAMAK WK JP VAN DER MERWE (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 9 53 53.5 *** Returned not striding out freely last start when running on late. Should be suited this distance and worth an each-way look.
11 52314 LARRY B B THOMPSON (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 10 53 53.5 ** Racing soundly and on breeding may appreciate 2000m. Drops 4.5kg and can figure in exotics.
12 *0310 DREAM BIG B APP S SHAFRIZAL-2 (N/A) M YUSOF (N/A) 12 48 51.0 * Did not show up when resuming but has won at this distance. May be better in Class 5.
13 33657 TUN O'REILLY B, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 5 46 50.0 * One-paced so distance could suit but might need easier.

Race 7

Larry says, "A strong KSC with some smart ones involved. JOMO was expected by many to win last start after having no luck at his previous outing. The 4YO disappointed on that occasion but gets a tongue-tie after the jockey reported respiratory noises and while drawn wide, he can win on best form. SACRED REBEL was a promising horse before arriving and showed at his Singapore debut he is a horse to follow and the step up to 1200m on the turf looks ideal. Plenty of others that can win including the smart fillies SIAM VIPASIRI resuming with a nice trial and ARARAT LADY on the back of two wins, while FAME STAR is coming off a tough win in Novice class and can be followed. RICHEBOURG charged home in Class 3 last start and gets Vlad Duric so also has to be seriously considered, while TARO SAN and JULIUS CAESAR could add value to exotics. Betting Strategy - RICHEBOURG each-way."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 3, 10
1 11124 JOMO
C MURRAY (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 13 73 58.0 *** Heavily supported but disappointed last start with jockey reporting respiratory issues. Gets a tongue-tie and despite awkward gate can be in the finish.
2 59662 JULIUS CAESAR APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 4 71 58.0 ** Ran on strongly late last start in similar affair. Prefers poly but with 4kg claim can show up late again.
3 *3 SACRED REBEL TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 7 70 58.0 *** Caught wide and fought on at Singapore debut. Was a smart horse in Australia and NZ. Should be improved and extra distance will suit. Hard to hold out.
4 8538* GOOD NEWS B
T REHAIZAT-1 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 8 68 56.5 * Blinkers off but hasn't won for a while. Could be running on but better on poly.
5 2*18* EFFORTLESS B M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 12 67 56.5 * Never likely last start in KSB. This is easier but best form is on poly and poorly drawn .
6 21321 FAME STAR B, TT APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 9 66 56.5 *** Very consistent and proved too strong last start in Novice company under Vlad Duric. Will find this harder but could show up with 4kg claim.
7 7113* SIAM VIPASIRI G BOSS (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 5 66 56.5 *** Resuming. Smart 3YO filly who is trialling well. Has shown plenty of promise and should be prominent.
8 *211 ARARAT LADY M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 3 65 56.5 *** Trialled well. Promising filly stepping up in grade. Should get a good run with Michael Rodd to ride on the back of nice trial.
9 2041* COPACABANA APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 1 65 56.5 ** In good form winning Class 4 over this trip last outing. Claim helps and from good gate could be hard to run down.
V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 2 64 55.0 *** Charged home from well back last start. Well drawn and with Vlad Duric to ride could be hard to hold out.
11 00000 MY HORSE
S JOHN (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 14 63 55.0 * Gets a tongue-tie but needs to improve on recent efforts. Only wins are on poly.
12 012*5 TARO SAN P
APP F YUSOFF-4 (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 10 63 55.0 ** Battled away last start when resuming but will appreciate 4kg claim and turf. Value.
13 134*3 GOLDEN FLAME B, TT B THOMPSON (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 6 62 55.0 * Caught wide last start and will appreciate better gate. Should be handy but only wins are on poly.
14 *9636 AWESOME APP M NIZAR-4 (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 11 61 55.0 * Awkwardly drawn with 4kg claimer. May need easier and Poly.

Race 8

Larry says, "Another KSC with several promising ones involved. GINGERELLA has won both outings in Singapore since coming from Perth and should be on the speed throughout with Vlad Duric retaining the ride. The threat may come from the stablemate resuming in SIAM BLUE VANDA. The 3YO showed plenty of promise last preparation winning three of four starts including a Class 3 over this trip, has been trialling solidly and should be prominent for Glen Boss. Of the others, MADE IN RUSSIA is always a show in races like this and blinkers go back on, while BARTIMAEUS won in Class 4 on the poly at his Singapore after placing at only previous start in NZ; he is up in grade and drawn poorly but cannot be discounted. Betting Strategy - GINGERELLA win."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 4, 3
1 63005 GUILTY PLEASURES SR M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 10 74 58.0 * Battled on last start and gets senior rider but prefers poly.
2 11 GINGERELLA V DURIC (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 3 73 58.0 *** Hit the ground running winning at both outings in Singapore and should be on the speed throughout with Vlad Duric retaining the ride.
C MURRAY (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 8 72 58.0 *** Battled away last start and blinkers go back on. Previous form sound and was runner-up in this class three starts back. Should be handy throughout.
4 1117 SIAM BLUE VANDA TT G BOSS (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 4 70 58.0 *** Resuming after showing promise last preparation winning three of four starts including a Class 3 over this trip. Trialling solidly. Should be prominent for Glen Boss.
5 63870 SOUTHERN SPUR B, SR APP CC WONG (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 7 67 56.5 ** Hampered in straight last start when resuming and looked to have some in hand so keep safe at odds.
6 4498* ARC TRIUMPH APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 14 66 56.5 * Resuming. Did not show up at trial. Best form on poly and poorly drawn.
7 1 BARTIMAEUS TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 15 66 56.5 ** Won well after tough run at Singapore debut in Class 4 on poly. Promising but poorly drawn and will find this harder.
8 825*5 BENGAL LANCER M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 1 66 56.5 * Resumed solidly and subsequently trialled soundly but may want longer to show his best.
APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 2 66 56.5 * Ran on fairly last start when resuming on poly and blinkers go back on. Claim helps and better on turf. Could show up from good gate.
10 25*8* LONGHU TT B THOMPSON (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 5 65 56.5 * Only battled last start. Might need easier and poly.
11 36*5* LIM'S DASHING T SEE-1 (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 13 64 55.0 ** Was running on late last start when resuming on poly. Poorly drawn again but best form on turf and could be closing late.
12 1494 MAN OF MYSTERY I AZHAR (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 11 64 55.0 ** Fought hard last start and only faded late. Not helped by gate but cheeky run expected.
13 *10*6 SHOOT UP HIGH B, TT
Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 6 63 55.0 ** Also led before being run down last start. Blinkers and tongue tie come off. Can be prominent.
14 15390 SNIP TT CS CHIN-3 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 9 63 55.0 * Only battled last start. Has some speed but might need easier.
15 88100 SPORTSCASTER E1 UNFIXED (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 12 63 55.0 * Has struggled since win three starts back. Needs easier.

BB - Blinkers for the first time
PP - Pacifiers for the first time
B - Blinkers
BRS - Blinkers on the right side
BLS - Blinkers on the left side
P - Pacifiers
BP - Blinkers and Pacifiers
BP1 - Blinkers and Pacifiers for the first time
TT - Tongue Tied
WK - Winkers
VIS - Visor