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Race 1

Larry says, "No less than four last start winners in the opener on Friday and while FIGHTING WARRIOR and IN BOCCA AL LUPO will find this tougher than Class 5, PEGASUS JUNIOR and JUMPIN JACK can both win again. The pair won in KSD Company last start and both only have an extra 1.5kg to carry so it does look a toss up between the two with JUMPIN JACK likely to be the one to run down and PEGASUS JUNIOR the one that will be looming largest late. Of the rest, RED CLAW improved last start and comes under serious consideration from gate 1 with blinkers and tongue-tie added while most others could be included in exotics on best form. Betting Strategy - PEGASUS JUNIOR win."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 2, 3
1 *8421 PEGASUS JUNIOR B, TT M RODD (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 10 55 58.0 *** Won well last start similar affair and only has to carry 1.5kg extra with same hoop. Can win.
2 68211 JUMPIN JACK VIS N JUGLALL (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 7 53 58.0 *** Hard to fault winning form and a recent trial suggests he can go on with the job.
3 50983 RED CLAW
I SAIFUDIN (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 1 52 58.0 *** Ran on well last start when showing improvement to place and more forward run expected from gate 1 with blinkers and tongue-tie added.
4 03027 HOST THE NATION APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 6 51 58.0 ** In the place mix last start and always an each-way hope in races like this.
T SEE-1 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 4 50 56.5 ** Form reads badly but back in trip sans blinkers/pacifiers and could improve at odds.
6 5447* RICH FORTUNE WK, TT APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 5 49 56.5 ** Super disappointing last start but runs on very well when in the mood so pay to keep safe.
7 32031 FIGHTING WARRIOR VIS D MOOR (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 12 48 56.5 ** Gate a concern but coming off a solid Class 5 win and pay to keep safe.
8 22561 IN BOCCA AL LUPO EM M LERNER (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 2 48 56.5 ** Another last start Class 5 winner who will be competitive from gate 2.
I AZHAR (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 3 47 56.5 * Will race handy but has been battling at the business end so easier to ignore.
10 200*0 PEER GYNT B
V DURIC (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 11 47 56.5 ** Resuming with top hoop and downgrade to winkers. Should need longer but recent trial OK so market watch in order.
APP Y SALIM-3 (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 9 46 56.5 * Back in trip and out of form. Should need easier with headgear removed.
12 860*4 MUSCLE BEACH TT K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 8 45 55.0 * Like to see in easier Company but improved effort last start.

Race 2

Larry says, "Some interesting form to consider in this Restricted Maiden with a few of these - DIAMOND KING, RUNMINDERBINDERRUN and THE JEWELLER - coming off disappointing runs with support at their last starts and they could show up on what they showed at their starts prior. But as it stands, GOLD STAR - a raced maiden from Australia - placed at his Singapore debut over 1000m and doesn't have to improve much to win this with the extra 200m in his favour. LINCOLN MOONLIGHT also placed last start and with blinkers removed he may race more generously and be hard to hold out. Of the rest that can win, GAMELY is just that and will be in the mix till late while ANOTHER SHOW gets Vlad Duric after excuses last start not to finish closer and could show up. Of the three that were disappointing with support last start, DIAMOND KING gets blinkers added and will improve but the wide gate is a concern. Betting Strategy - LINCOLN MOONLIGHT each-way."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 2, 3
1 3 GOLD STAR M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 11 56 57.0 *** Ran on well to place at Singapore debut over 1000m and has trialled well since. Can win.
2 730 ANOTHER SHOW B, TT V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 8 54 57.0 *** Excuses not to finish closer last start and just missed two back. Duric helps and forward run expected.
M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 9 53 57.0 *** Likely type who may be ridden more quietly with blinkers removed and is due so pay to keep very safe.
4 25545 GAMELY B E ASLAM-1 (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 5 51 57.0 *** Well named as fought on gamely last start and in this a very long time.
5 585 MONT CHOISY SR N JUGLALL (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 13 43 57.0 ** Wide draw a concern at first turf start but has had excuses at his last two runs and will be value.
6 5 BENCOOLEN T SEE-1 (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 3 0 57.0 ** Put in a solid effort on debut and should improve for the effort with gate 3 a bonus.
7 CLARTON SUPREME APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 4 0 57.0 ** Solid at his most recent trial and 4kg claim could see a surprise at race debut.
AK LIM-1 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 15 0 57.0 *** Disappointing with support last start after promising debut and drawn badly but gets blinkers added and recent trial suggests he can show up.
9 FIREWORKS I SAIFUDIN (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 6 0 57.0 * Solid without being spectacular at the trials and market bets guide.
B THOMPSON (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 12 0 57.0 ** Had support when disappointing last start but did do it tough. Could improve with winkers added.
11 36 THE JEWELLER B APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 7 0 57.0 ** Another who was very disappointing last start after promising debut but could show up.
12 0*0 TIGER BOSS D MOOR (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 10 0 57.0 * Resuming after two poor runs and may need blinkers given trial form.
13 0**8* LADY BOSS Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 2 43 55.5 * Race form poor but trials suggests she has more to offer.
14 PISCA PISCA B VORSTER (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 16 0 52.0 * Japanese bred filly who didn't need widest gate on exposed trial form.
15 49*0 AGNI E1 M LERNER (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 14 43 55.5 * Needs to improve.
UNFIXED (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 1 0 57.0 * Hard to consider after poor debut.

Race 3

Larry says, "There doesn't look a great deal of depth or quality to this Class 4 Poly sprint, which could give REIGN a chance to return to racing with a win. The 4YO took six starts to break his maiden status but that win as the even money favourite was very comfortable and he should handle this company with a few trials under his belt. In his favour is only one other horse - PLUCKY LAD - was in the money at his last start. But the maiden looks well placed in this from gate 1 and a win would not surprise. The improvers could come from the likes of SUPER HERO who has been working home well at his last couple and he can make his presence felt late over 1100m while CERDAN, DECRETO, PIONEER SEVEN and LUCKY MASTER can be included in exotics. Betting Strategy - REIGN win."

RACE 3: CLASS 4 - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 19:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 4, 10, 2
1 0*088 ANCIENT WARRIOR TT V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 11 61 58.5 * Form reads terribly but drops in Class and gets Duric so market watch in order.
2 05296 SUPER HERO TT M EWE-1 (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 6 59 57.5 *** Form better than it reads and good work late at his last couple over 1000m suggests he goes close in this.
3 50056 DECRETO BP T SEE-1 (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 4 58 57.0 ** Ran on solidly last start in similar affair and expect much the same.
4 *3201 REIGN N JUGLALL (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 7 58 57.0 *** Resuming after breaking maiden status as even money fave in August and worth serious thought first up.
5 1*099 CERDAN TT D MOOR (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 5 57 56.5 ** Did it tough last start bit has trialled well since and can consider in a race that suits.
6 55574 PIONEER SEVEN TT APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 2 55 55.5 ** Starts can be costly but in the mix as a rule.
7 *1387 WARRIOR KING TT AK LIM-1 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 8 55 55.5 * Appreciates first up run but should need further.
8 *6739 LUCKY MASTER B, TT B THOMPSON (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 12 53 54.5 ** Drawn wide but usually runs on well enough late to include in exotics.
9 88076 MIKCAIPHO BP I AZHAR (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 3 47 51.5 * Only battling.
10 50283 PLUCKY LAD EM K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 1 45 50.5 *** Ran on well to place in similar affair last start and could show up in this field from gate 1.
TH KOH-1 (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 10 44 50.0 * Tongue-tie off but desperate for Class 5.
12 715*0 SOUTHERN GLORY B B VORSTER (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 9 44 50.0 * Needs easier and longer.

Race 4

Larry says, "The usual Class 5 raffle round two bends and given the main three chances all look like swoopers, luck will play a part. In fact the two maidens who look due - SONORAN and YULONG HOLY FLYING - both have had excuses of late and if either does get some luck or can race handier, they can win. Not much separates the two with SONORAN retaining Rodd after two luckless runs with the top hoop while YULONG HOLY FLYING gets the Amirul 2kg claim which could be handy come the business end. AVENGERS HERO also had excuses last start when running on super through traffic and the one-time winner gets his chance in this field with Mark Ewe from gate 3. Nothing else appeals although VENUS DE MILO and MA YOU CAI could surprise. Betting Strategy - AVENGERS HERO small win."

RACE 4: CLASS 5 - 1600M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 19:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000 (5)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 4, 3, 2
1 000*0 PHUKET B, TT APP R ISKANDAR-4 (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 2 43 59.0 * Class 5 won't hurt but impossible on form.
2 44733 YULONG HOLY FLYING APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 8 43 59.0 *** Ran on well to place in similar affair last start and could be hard to hold out.
3 00204 SONORAN M RODD (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 7 41 58.0 *** Excuses not to be in the winning mix at his last two starts and can win with any luck in running.
4 28932 AVENGERS HERO B M EWE-1 (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 3 40 57.5 *** Has been running on super and could have won last start with luck. Can win this.
5 6079* MY MONEY S JOHN (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 4 35 55.0 * Only battling.
6 62457 VENUS DE MILO BP N JUGLALL (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 5 35 55.0 ** Maiden who pulled up lame last start. This trip suits so can consider.
7 96602 MA YOU CAI B, TT D MOOR (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 1 34 54.5 ** Placed for the first time last start in a weak one but can include in exotics.
8 60*07 NEO'S CLASSIC B, TT B THOMPSON (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 10 34 54.5 * Trip suits but lost all form.
9 0*966 BERLINETTA TT T SEE-1 (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 13 32 53.5 * Wide gate makes winning very tough but race suits.
10 24007 AEOLUS EM
TH KOH-1 (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 11 31 53.0 * Form reads badly but runs on when in the mood so could figure late in exotics at odds.
11 8657* ZAHIR TT, VIS B VORSTER (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 6 26 50.5 * Only battles and better on turf.
APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 12 22 50.0 * Gets blinkers but needs to find a few lengths.
13 85894 DESTINY KNIGHT E1 B, TT UNFIXED (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 9 26 50.5 * Struggles as a rule but did improve last start.

Race 5

Larry says, "While there are a few horses with good recent form under their belt including three (other) last start winners, SMART INVESTMENT resuming after a very long hiatus looks the one to beat. The 6YO backed up his maiden win with a Class 5 victory back in May 2016 and while it a shade over two-and-a-half years since that effort, his recent trials are good enough to win first up with M Rodd to ride from gate 1. Of the three other last start winners, LOOKS GOOD won well enough to break his maiden status to follow in this race while GOLDEN COIN and the veteran SOLITAIRE would need to improve again on the back of Class 5 wins. Plenty of others that look due including HERO STAR, AUSPICIOUS ACE and SUPERSONICSURPRISE with EVIL WESLEY the improper at odds. Betting Strategy - SMART INVESTMENT each-way."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 2, 7
1 7*011 SMART INVESTMENT M RODD (N/A) M YUSOF (N/A) 1 53 58.0 *** Resuming after making it back-to-back wins back in May 2016. Recent good trials suggest he is worth serious thought.
2 84201 LOOKS GOOD T SEE-1 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 8 52 58.0 *** Got his act together to break his maiden status last start with support and pay to follow.
3 89958 FIRST LIGHT V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 11 51 58.0 * Resuming from wide gate and may need longer.
D MOOR (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 9 51 58.0 * Did it tough wide when blinkers added last start and may need turf.
5 92752 HERO STAR B APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 10 51 58.0 *** Drawn wide but in form and could be hard to hold out with 4kg claimer.
BP1, TT, E
I AZHAR (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 6 50 56.5 *** Two runs this campaign have been good and should win races like this.
7 56713 SUPERSONICSURPRISE B N JUGLALL (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 7 50 56.5 *** Backed up Class 5 win with solid placing this company and pay to follow.
8 9650* EVIL WESLEY S JOHN (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 4 49 56.5 ** Maiden who will appreciate slightly easier company and may add value to exotics.
9 0009* GOLDEN MILE B, TT B VORSTER (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 12 47 56.5 * Only battling.
10 6*08* SPECIAL RAIN BP B THOMPSON (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 13 47 56.5 * Pulled up lame last start and easier to ignore here from widest alley.
11 00361 GOLDEN COIN B, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 2 45 55.0 ** Broke overdue maiden status in Class 5 last start and should be competitive.
12 64841 SOLITAIRE B, TT APP Y SALIM-3 (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 5 45 55.0 ** Veteran who knocked in another win in Class 5 last start. This is harder but 3kg claim helps.
13 *8*22 MILLION ROUND E1 B I SAIFUDIN (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 3 37 53.5 ** Just missed in Class 5 last start but may need that company.

Race 6

Larry says, "There looks to be a handful of horses ready to win in this Class 4 event over 1400m including a newcomer from Australia in SUN ACE. The 4YO won once (1200m) from two starts in before arriving and his local trial suggests he plays a part at his Singapore debut with support likely. There is another newcomer - HORSE KING from the UK - and while he also won once from two starts, that was over 1684m so he may want longer. But the horse to beat is ATHLETICA who ran on well to place at his Singapore debut and if Matt Kellady can have him handier in running in what is a more suitable race, he could be hard to hold out. Of the rest that have winning hopes, WECANDO has drawn wide but is better than what he showed last start while CENTENARY DIAMOND is in very honest form and 1400m looks ideal after a freshen up. Keep NADEEM SAPPHIRE safe as he looked to have some in hand last start and will be value. Betting Strategy - ATHLETICA win, saver on NADEEM SAPPHIRE."

RACE 6: CLASS 4 (2) - 1400M COURSE A (LC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 20:55 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 5, 4
1 2 ATHLETICA M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 5 61 57.0 *** Kiwi who ran on well at Singapore debut over 1100m an hard to hold out over this trip.
2 SUN ACE V DURIC (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 7 60 56.5 *** Former Australian who won one from two before arriving and has trialled well enough to expect support and a good run with Duric a factor.
3 000 TWENTYSIXTWELVE B, TT APP WS CHAN-3 (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 6 60 56.5 * Has struggled since arriving and easier to ignore.
4 21267 WECANDO APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 13 60 56.5 *** Never looked comfortable when resuming with support so could forgive and take on best form.
M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 9 59 56.0 *** Freshened after placing over the mile in this company and will figure at the business end.
N JUGLALL (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 1 57 55.0 ** Could have finished closer last start when finding trouble late and can consider with blinkers added from gate 1 with value the key.
7 6725* ALAMAK D MOOR (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 12 56 54.5 ** Jockey suggested didn't handle the track last start when supported and some show on form prior with best work expected late.
8 HORSE KING E ASLAM-1 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 2 56 54.5 * Former UK galloper who won once (1684m) from two starts. Local trials solid but may need a longer.
9 **166 NADEEM SAPPHIRE B Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 3 56 54.5 *** Never involved last start but OK work late suggests more to offer with gate 3 a factor. Keep safe.
10 52918 O'REILLY STAR TT, VIS R ZAWARI-1 (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 8 56 54.5 ** Resuming after short break with solid trial under his belt and could run a cheeky race.
11 0*017 DAYUAN B I SAIFUDIN (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 10 53 53.0 * Excuses last start (heart, saddle) but needs 1000m on the Poly to show his best.
12 67080 CHIEF CLERK B, TT B THOMPSON (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 11 49 51.0 * Struggling.
13 47764 OPTIMUM STAR APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 4 48 50.5 ** Usually seen on the Poly and may need easier but placed the last time he was over this trip and will be value.

Race 7

Larry says, "Good luck if you think you can find the winner in this Kranji Stakes C over 1400m as most look like having winning hopes and you would assume something has to give on the tote. In fact some last start winners in KIRKS RYKER and SHAHBAA may even start at a decent each-way price given the depth while the other last start winner - HELIOSPHERE - will probably get plenty of support from gate 1 and should race well in albeit tougher company. So in no particular order, LORD OF CLOUD is in spanking form and 1400m suits, MELTING POINT has just missed at his last two and has to win soon, RED DAWN will appreciate the turf (and will be odds), CAPTAIN JAMIE can win with blinkers added, while the newcomer, SUN MARSHAL, should need longer but is trialling well enough to consider. Keep AUGUSTUS very safe with blinkers added as he improves over more ground. Betting Strategy - CAPTAIN JAMIE and AUGUSTUS each-way at odds."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 7, 5
1 54831 KIRKS RYKER B APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 13 77 59.5 *** Drawn wide but won on the Poly last start and better again on the turf so pay to follow.
2 35122 LORD OF CLOUD B, TT T SEE-1 (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 12 73 58.0 *** Just missed last start on the Poly and won this trip three back. Big show.
3 263*5 RED DAWN TT M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 2 72 58.0 *** Hasn't been seen on the turf for a while but more than handles the surface and recent form and trial suggests he goes close.
4 40111 SHAHBAA B E ASLAM-1 (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 14 72 58.0 *** Very progressive type going through the grades quickly and can overcome wide gate.
R ZAWARI-1 (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 8 70 58.0 *** Will be better over longer again but gets blinkers after inauspicious Singapore debut and recent trials suggests he could show up at odds.
N JUGLALL (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 11 70 58.0 *** Excuses not to be in the winning mix two back and placed last start. Gets blinkers so forward run expected.
7 59322 MELTING POINT S JOHN (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 10 69 56.5 *** Has been beaten a proverbial lip at his last two starts and has to win again soon.
8 89634 ON ELECTRIC AVENUE B VORSTER (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 3 68 56.5 ** In solid form, trip suits and may be value in this strong field.
9 SUN MARSHAL V DURIC (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 6 68 56.5 *** Former Australian who cam through the same Queensland Derby campaign as Augustus and trials suggest he can win at his Singapore debut.
10 *33*7 GOLD CITY EM M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 4 67 56.5 ** Resuming after a poor run with support but has trialled OK and worth an each-way look at odds.
11 1 HELIOSPHERE D MOOR (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 1 67 56.5 *** Won as the even money favourite in Class 4 at Singapore debut and that effort - and a very nice subsequent trial - good enough to win again.
12 80*20 XIONG FONG B K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 5 65 56.5 ** Only battled from wide gate last start but will appreciate the turf and fairer alley so can include at long odds in exotics.
13 *5*56 BLACK JADE EM B THOMPSON (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 9 63 55.0 ** Disappointing at his last couple and may be looking for easier.
14 5300* PENTAGON B
APP A SYAHIR-4 (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 7 62 55.0 * Blinkers to visor and may need easier and longer.

Race 8

Larry says, "While we can make a winning case for a handful of horses in the lucky last, GLASGOW has his foot on the till and is the horse to beat in what is a very suitable race. The former Australian won once over the mile before arriving but has hit the ground running with two close up placings. The 4YO gets a handy 2kg claim for this and from gate 3 should get the favours and win. But the race looks very suitable for the likes of KING'S SPEECH to win as the 4YO placed this trip last start and gets V Duric - his only winning hoop - back on which should bode well for followers. Others to watch include THUNDER DRAGON who bolted in last start to break his maiden status while SUPER TYCOON, DON DE LA VEGA and I'M INCREDIBLE can all improve and play a part. Betting Strategy - GLASGOW win, saver on I'M INCREDIBLE at odds."

RACE 8: CLASS 4 (1) - 1400M COURSE A (LC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 22:00 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 3, 6
1 32 GLASGOW S NOH-2 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 3 61 57.5 *** Hit the ground running in Singapore and can win this with handy 2kg claim from gate 3.
2 54909 SUPER TYCOON SR APP T KRISNA-3 (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 1 61 57.5 *** Form reads badly but last win was this trip, track and Class so keep very safe on the back of a good trial.
3 1973 KING'S SPEECH V DURIC (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 7 60 57.0 *** Returned to form last start in similar affair and only win was this hoop so can consider with nice trial under his belt.
4 7*307 ASTROJET WK APP S SHAFRIZAL-2 (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 14 59 56.5 ** Only battled last start and drawn wide but turf and track suits so could surprise.
5 23035 O'REILLY'S DANCER B THOMPSON (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 5 59 56.5 ** Resuming and honest enough to keep safe in what looks a suitable first up trip.
6 401 THUNDER DRAGON B E ASLAM-1 (N/A) D LOGAN (N/A) 6 59 56.5 *** Bolted in when breaking maiden status last start and will have admirers on the back of that effort.
7 825*0 THE WIND WK
N JUGLALL (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 10 58 56.0 ** Tough horse to catch but gets upgrade to blinkers and 1400m suits so keep safe.
8 93786 DON DE LA VEGA
M RODD (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 13 57 55.5 *** Drawn wide but has looked due to win a race like this and can consider with tongue-tie added.
9 8819 CLOUDBURST B R ZAWARI-1 (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 11 56 55.0 * Won maiden this trip but struggled this grade last start so may need easier.
M KELLADY (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 4 55 54.5 *** Disappointing when blinkers went on last start as fave but can consider sans headgear on the back of a good trial.
11 41907 BANGKOK BOY B, TT D MOOR (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 8 54 54.0 ** Appreciates first up run and step up to 1400m and could be value.
12 800 CONGRATU B, TT S JOHN (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 9 52 53.0 * No.
13 17090 MASURAO B APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 2 50 52.0 * Lost form.
14 0*000 HOLY GRAIL WK, TT TH KOH-1 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 12 46 50.0 * Needs easier and longer.

BB - Blinkers for the first time
PP - Pacifiers for the first time
B - Blinkers
BRS - Blinkers on the right side
BLS - Blinkers on the left side
P - Pacifiers
BP - Blinkers and Pacifiers
BP1 - Blinkers and Pacifiers for the first time
TT - Tongue Tied
WK - Winkers
VIS - Visor