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Race 1

Larry says, "A Class 5 with no depth should give a maiden resuming in WAR STORY a chance in the opener. The 4YO has only placed once from eight career starts but had been close up at a few runs in his last preparation and, with blinkers added on the back of a good trail, he can win first up. The biggest - and perhaps only - danger on recent form is OCEAN GENERAL. The 7YO is a four-time winner and given his form of late and the fact he gets to jump from gate 1, he leads and could be hard to pass. Nothing else jumps off the page but SOLITAIRE gets enough positive changes - drop in Class, Duric, blinkers and tongue-tie - to think he could surprise while FAST JET and KUBERA'S CHIEF are in solid enough form to consider. Betting Strategy - WAR STORY win."

RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 18:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000 (5)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 4, 5, 2
1 889*9 DRAGON SEAL WK APP CK NG-3 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 2 43 59.0 * Back in trip but hard to have on exposed form.
V DURIC (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 8 43 59.0 ** Impossible on form and hasn't won for an age but drops in Class and gets Duric, blinkers and a tongue-tie so pay to keep safe.
3 54688 SUPER DAN B, SR M EWE-1 (N/A) KY YOUNG (N/A) 5 42 58.5 ** Maiden who was disappointing last start in this Company but has changed stables. Watch market.
4 05354 WAR STORY TT
J POWELL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 10 42 58.5 *** Resuming with blinkers and trial with headgear suggests he can turn solid form into maiden win.
5 67542 OCEAN GENERAL B APP P DELLORTO-3 (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 1 38 56.5 *** In form and has more than enough pace to make use of the ace and be had to run down.
6 4850* CAVATINA R WOODWORTH (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 9 37 56.0 ** Did it super tough last start so forget and take on solid form similar affairs prior.
7 04404 KUBERA'S CHIEF EM G BOSS (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 7 37 56.0 ** Can be inconsistent but has looked due of late and should figure somewhere late.
8 78119 SHUYING XIAOXIAO B, TT Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 4 36 55.5 * Resuming and should need longer to show his best.
9 *4273 FAST JET B, TT E ASLAM-1 (N/A) HK TAN (N/A) 11 35 55.0 ** Ran on well late last start in weak field and expect much the same.
10 07800 JOHN DUKE B, EM O PLACAIS (N/A) D HILL (N/A) 3 31 53.0 * No.
11 9*709 GOOD BET B, TT TH KOH-1 (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 6 22 50.0 * Struggles as a rule.

Race 2

Larry says, "Plenty of maidens who look ready to win but given the likes of THE ODDS, TESORO PRIVADO and IFFRAGAL could all be doing best work late, they might find the E Short Course tough to conquer. Of that trio, TESORO PRIVADO did have to jump from a wide gate on debut and Vorster should take advantage of a better gate in this so he could be the most forward early and is right in this. Two newcomers in SKY ROCKET and CRACKING TOTTIE also look handy enough from the trials to win and the market will be a very good guide. Of the two, SKY ROCKET was prominent throughout when winning his Official Trial and expect G Boss to take him forward in this race, which could be a smart move. Betting Strategy - watch for market support on the newcomers and TESORO PRIVADO each-way."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 7, 9, 10
1 4323 THE ODDS EM V DURIC (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 11 51 57.5 *** Excuses last start not to win and gets his chance here although he will need to be handier in running.
APP T SEE-1 (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 14 43 57.5 * Battled away when blinkers went on last start and needs to find a few lengths.
3 5 BLACK QUAIL R SHAFIQ (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 13 0 57.5 ** Never likely on debut before doing best work late so should improve for the outing.
4 56 EL TORDILLO B R WOODWORTH (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 3 0 57.5 ** Best work late at two career starts and expect much the same.
5 8** RIVER OF DREAMS B APP T KRISNA-3 (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 2 0 57.5 * Resuming. Did not show up at debut and recent trials have been only fair.
6 9* SATELLITE CLASSIC APP R ZAWARI-2 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 12 0 57.5 * Nothing on debut and not for me.
7 SKY ROCKET G BOSS (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 8 0 57.5 *** Showed more than enough winning Official Trial to give this a shake.
8 00 SPEEDY NANCHO I SAIFUDIN (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 1 0 57.5 * Build a wall.
9 3 TESORO PRIVADO B VORSTER (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 6 0 52.0 *** Did well to place from wide draw on debut and gets his chance in handier from gate 6.
10 3*923 IFFRAGAL B, SR O CHAVEZ (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 5 53 50.5 *** Disappointing last start given his effort in the Juvenile Challenge but wins sooner than later.
11 CRACKING TOTTIE M NUNES (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 9 0 50.5 *** Green but good enough at Official trial to win on debut.
12 75 HALLELUJAH APP CK NG-3 (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 10 0 50.5 * Solid without being a threat at two starts and skinny end of exotics look best.
13 859 INFANTRY ECLIPSE E1 K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 7 44 57.5 * Excuses last start but needs to show more before we consider.
UNFIXED (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 4 44 57.5 * Gets blinkers but hard to have.

Race 3

Larry says, "A top heavy Class 4 field and there looks only four horses that win on recent form and given NORTHERN KNIGHT ran second to GOLD FAITH at his last start and that form has since been franked, he gets his chance. Shafiq stays on and he should go forward early and be hard to run down with any lucking in running. SUPER JOE should also go forward from gate 2 and finish in the mix but he was slow out from the ace at his last start so Barend Vorster will need to be on his toes. Of the others that can win, ARR FLAIR will keep the front runners more than honest on his recent run of solid form while FALKIRK LEAD could appreciate these step up to 1700m and be may be the value chance. Betting Strategy - box 1, 4, 7 and 8 in a trifecta. FALKIRK LEAD each-way."

RACE 3: CLASS 4 - 1700M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 19:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$60000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 4, 8
1 06302 NORTHERN KNIGHT EM V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 7 61 58.0 *** Ran into a good one last start in similar affair and gets his chance in this field.
2 58288 CHASE TT O PLACAIS (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 1 59 57.0 ** Only battled at his last two on the turf but went close three back on the Poly so keep safe with gate 1 a factor.
3 880 SHOWAR B
O CHAVEZ (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 9 59 57.0 * Blinkers to visor after showing nothing last start and prefer others.
4 77625 SUPER JOE B, SR B VORSTER (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 2 59 57.0 *** Slow start costly last start but goes close if he can make use of gate 2.
5 26331 KHUDAWAND SR A MUNRO (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 11 55 55.0 ** Broke made status when dead-heating in KSD Company last start and should work into this late.
G BOSS (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 3 54 54.5 * Won in this Company two starts back but maybe better suited on the turf.
7 123*3 ARR FLAIR K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 10 53 54.0 *** In very solid form and will keep them honest late.
8 22507 FALKIRK LEAD B N JUGLALL (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 8 53 54.0 *** In solid form without a result but the step up to 1700m could be a good move. Value.
9 98567 MILITARY MIGHT VIS APP N NURSHAHRIL-4 (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 12 47 51.0 * Just battling and Poly a query.
10 09709 SUN SCRAPER B APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 5 47 51.0 * Needs to show more at the races.
11 0154* APOLLO B APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 6 46 50.5 * In solid form but Poly form a concern.
12 2110* SUN HANCOCK B, TT M ZAKI-1 (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 4 45 50.0 ** Coming off a shocker but Poly form prior in Class 5 was good and can include in exotics at odds.

Race 4

Larry says, "Again, plenty of horses that will be working into the race late but not suited by the expected leaders bias on the E Short Course. And the horse favoured by the bias will be CAI POH WONG who most likely leads from gate 1 and, on form, will be very hard to pass if he does indeed get a break into the straight. AUSPICIOUS ACE was one of the horses that made up ground late last start to place but from gate 7 in this field, Zuriman might be very handy to the leaders and certainly makes his presence felt at the business end. Of the rest, ACE HARBOUR has drawn wide but that might make Juglall give him a positive ride and he could surprise while ANGHIARI could be the bolter at long odds and happy to include him in exotics. Betting Strategy - CAI POH WONG win, include ANGHIARI at odds in a swinger."

No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 2, 10, 8
1 **079 ANGHIARI B, TT, EM APP Y SALIM-3 (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 4 51 58.0 ** Form this campaign reads badly but will go forward and give a sight.
2 45256 CAI POH WANG B O PLACAIS (N/A) ZL MOK (N/A) 1 46 57.5 *** Excuses last start from wide gate and hard to beat from the ace with prominent run expected.
3 33577 O'REILLY STAR B, TT R SHAFIQ (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 14 46 57.5 ** Wins one of these sooner than later and will be running on strongly late.
4 77*58 LIM'S MASTER G BOSS (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 2 43 57.5 ** Has been showing enough glimpses late to follow over the mile and may be value.
5 04474 ROCKET FIGHTER WK, TT J POWELL (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 11 39 57.5 ** Another back marker not suited on the E Course but will be running on if race run to suit.
6 90070 GIN GO GIN B R WOODWORTH (N/A) HW TAN (N/A) 5 35 57.5 * Bottom shelf.
V DURIC (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 3 0 57.5 ** Will improve with racing and in the mix in this field.
8 74442 ACE HARBOUR B, SR N JUGLALL (N/A) R LE GRANGE (N/A) 13 46 56.0 ** Wide gate is a concern but could go forward and play some part in the finish.
9 0085 PACIFIC PEARL B, EM B VORSTER (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 8 44 54.5 ** Not a mile away when resuming at very long odds and pay to keep safe.
10 23034 AUSPICIOUS DAY B Z ZURIMAN-1 (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 7 46 50.0 *** Made up ground last start against the race bias and can win this if handier in running.
11 076 CASEY BB
A MUNRO (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 9 44 50.0 ** Not a bad effort at long odds when blinkers added last start and another to keep safe.
12 03 SNAGGLE PUSS M NUNES (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 12 0 50.0 ** Another who ran on well late last start and expect much the same from wide gate.
13 9 RAJA MUDA E1 EM UNFIXED (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 10 0 57.5 * Showed nothing on debut.
14 80*0 TOP BANANA E2 BB
M ZAKI-1 (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 6 44 50.0 * No.

Race 5

Larry says, "One of the weaker race fields assembled this year and all thing being equal, a last start winner should be extremely hard to beat. The winner in question is AMISTAD who turned some solid recent form sans headgear into a good win and while he has to carry some 7kg more on this occasion, he could be a very good thing. In fact given the next best horse on recent form is a twelve start maiden who is yet to even run a place, AMISTAD is the only horse to be on. The maiden in question is WALTERS BAY who ran a cheeky race with blinkers last start and is worth another look with Nunes up while the likes of ALWAYS A WINNER, TENMA, CASSIS OOLONG and perhaps SACRED CROWN all could figure in a race with no depth whatsoever. Betting Strategy - AMISTAD win."

RACE 5: CLASS 5 - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000 (5)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 4, 9
1 74941 AMISTAD O PLACAIS (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 5 33 57.0 *** Had no weight when winning similar affair last start but happy to follow.
2 *9000 ELITE GUSTAVO B, EM M ZAKI-1 (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 8 31 56.0 * Struggles as a rule.
3 00906 NOVA STAR B, TT APP T SEE-1 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 10 31 56.0 * First up run only fair and prefer others.
M NUNES (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 9 31 56.0 ** Cheeky front running effort last start and gets Nunes so keep safe.
5 6*87* SACRED CROWN V DURIC (N/A) M YUSOF (N/A) 4 30 55.5 ** Form average at best but Duric a factor in this weak field.
6 87758 ONE O NINE TH KOH-1 (N/A) HK TAN (N/A) 6 28 54.5 * Shown some improvement of late but still needs to find a few lengths.
7 94890 PEREGRINE FALCON B, TT I SAIFUDIN (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 2 27 54.0 * Back in trip and better on the turf.
8 03289 TENMA TT APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 7 26 53.5 ** Recent form only fair but better than most of these and could surprise.
N JUGLALL (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 1 22 51.5 ** Blinkers off after improved effort last start and gets the favours form gate 1 with Juglall up.
10 7379* CASSIS OOLONG B, TT A MUNRO (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 3 22 51.5 ** Can lead and this race weak enough to think he could pinch one.

Race 6

Larry says, "A classic case of the usual suspects in this Class 5 1800m Polytrack event and it will pay to keep one eye on the tote to see if any stables are confident of a result. But as it stands, CLUTHA LAD had excuses last start when beaten as the favourite and the 8YO can make quick amends with Vlad Duric likely to get the favours from gate 4. And barriers are a factor given the likes of last start winner SUGARTIME JAZZ has drawn wide as have MONGOLIAN CHIEF and GALAXY EXPRESS who all can win with luck in running. A maiden in KEY ON KODIAC gets gate 1 and given he has run well from wide gates of late; he could finally win with Barend Vorster up. Betting Strategy - CLUTHA LAD, KEY ON KODIAC swinger."

RACE 6: CLASS 5 - 1800M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 21:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000 (5)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 1, 8, 3
1 4*004 CLUTHA LAD BP, TT, SR V DURIC (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 4 43 59.0 *** Excuses when being beaten as favourite last start in similar affair and hard to beat in this.
2 29771 SUGARTIME JAZZ B, TT APP CS CHIN-3 (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 12 43 59.0 ** Have to respect last start winners but looks a tough ride for a 3kg claimer from wide gate.
3 62*07 MONGOLIAN CHIEF BP N JUGLALL (N/A) L KHOO (N/A) 14 42 58.5 *** Drawn wide but finds himself over a suitable trip and can win.
4 00000 YELLOW GOLD BP APP S NOH-2 (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 6 40 57.5 * No.
5 07825 GALAXY EXPRESS B O CHAVEZ (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 11 39 57.0 *** Drawn badly again but always a show in races like this and have to respect.
6 059*0 GALLANT HEIGHTS B, TT APP T SEE-1 (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 13 39 57.0 ** Wide gate a concern and looks in poor form but first time over a suitable trip this campaign so keep safe.
7 20009 OVER EASY BP, TT E ASLAM-1 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 7 36 55.5 * Veteran who is struggling of late.
8 4*33* KEY ON KODIAC VIS B VORSTER (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 1 33 54.0 *** Still a maiden but has had no luck at the barriers of late and efforts suggests he gets his chance from gate 1.
9 72744 TOOBIGTOFAIL TT, VIS A MUNRO (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 8 33 54.0 *** In form and another who can win stepping up to his best trip.
10 3602* ARCHER COMPANY TT, VIS M NUNES (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 10 30 52.5 ** Led and battled on well last start over the mile should keep a few honest in this field.
11 5380* RAMZES B APP WS CHAN-3 (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 5 29 52.0 ** Up in trip and another to consider on better form.
12 57878 GOLDEN JADE B I SAIFUDIN (N/A) H TAKAOKA (N/A) 3 22 50.0 ** Last run better than the result and could get out to value.
13 23302 MILITARY ALLIANCE E1 B, TT UNFIXED (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 9 31 53.0 *** Foot on the till and wins this without surprising.
14 85*17 GRAND PARIS E2 TT UNFIXED (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 2 27 51.0 *** Looked to have something in the tank late last start and happy to follow on win two starts back.

Race 7

Larry says, "Another race where the barriers play a big part with three or four of the winning hopes jumping from gate 8 or wider. JULIUS CAESAR is one such horse that will need luck after drawing gate 10 but his last run was better than the result and his two wins have been over this trip on the Poly. DRACO has also drawn badly (12) but he gets blinkers after winning in Class 4 last start so he is also worth a serious look while MR LUCK (gate 13) could be the value runner back on the Poly. SIAM SAPPHIRE has won his last two and gets the favours from gate 1 and he probably start favourite with Nunes up although this is tougher than last start. MARINE TREASURE and I'VE GOT A FEELING two more to watch in what looks a tricky race for punters. Betting Strategy - JULIUS CAESAR each-way."

RACE 7: CLASS 3 - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 21:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$80000 (3)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 6, 5, 11
1 71037 MR LUCK B APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 13 73 57.0 *** Wide gate always an issue but will appreciate being back on the Poly and may be value.
2 27117 MARINE TREASURE B J POWELL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 5 72 56.5 *** Retuned not striding last start and jockey suggested this trip would be better so has to be considered.
3 05109 AWESOME BP APP S NOH-2 (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 11 71 56.0 ** Never involved last start but always some show on the Poly and will be odds.
4 50* DAN THE MAN O PLACAIS (N/A) D MEAGHER (N/A) 3 66 53.5 * Karaka Millions winner who has struggled in Singapore. Blinkers and tongue tie come off but take on trust.
5 15761 DRACO
B VORSTER (N/A) C BROWN (N/A) 12 65 53.0 *** Up in Class but gets blinkers after nice win and happy to follow.
6 15105 JULIUS CAESAR A MUNRO (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 10 65 53.0 *** Did it tough last start and ran on very well and can win this with luck in running.
7 43*17 LUCKY STRIDE TT APP N ZYRUL-4 (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 4 65 53.0 ** Resuming and may need longer.
8 218*5 FRIENDSHIP B N JUGLALL (N/A) J O'HARA (N/A) 7 64 52.5 ** Battled away with support at his last couple and needs to show more.
9 54534 HIMALAYA DRAGON APP I AMIRUL-2 (N/A) KS TAN (N/A) 6 64 52.5 ** Lack of recent winning form a concern but always thereabouts and a must for exotics.
10 67156 PURE JUSTICE BP, TT APP CK NG-3 (N/A) M WALKER (N/A) 9 64 52.5 ** Did it super tough last start and effort to line good enough to follow.
11 03411 SIAM SAPPHIRE M NUNES (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 1 63 52.0 *** Hard to fault winning form - albeit in Class 4 - and can win again from gate 1 with no weight.
12 70450 I'VE GOT A FEELING TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 8 62 51.5 *** Supported when disappointing first up but may appreciate Poly on the back of good trial form.
13 03618 SMART VINTAGE E1 WK UNFIXED (N/A) M YUSOF (N/A) 2 64 52.5 * Goes OK but back in trip a concern.

Race 8

Larry says, "We can only hope we have found a few winners earlier in the card as the last looks another tricky affair. Adding to the dilemma for punters is a newcomer from Australia in CHOCOLATS. The 4YO won over 1350m before arriving and has trialled well enough locally to think he can win on debut. LIM'S GREETING has drawn wide but can go forward and his recent form suggests he wins one of these sooner than later with support likely. KATAGAS is yet to win on the turf but looks a solid each-way option on recent form while DANZEB showed enough winning his maiden to follow in Class 4. The winning hopes don't stop there as PRATT STREET gets the favours from gate 1 and you could go even wider in exotics. Betting Strategy - CHOCOLATS each-way."

RACE 8: CLASS 4 - 1400M COURSE E (SC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 22:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$60000 (4)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike Rate)
(Strike Rate)
BarRtgWtPre-race Comments
Selections - 3, 7, 1
1 47324 KATAGAS WK M NUNES (N/A) DL FREEDMAN (N/A) 9 59 57.0 *** Went close this trip two back and should figure prominently in this.
2 46397 MUSCLE BEACH TT R WOODWORTH (N/A) D KOH (N/A) 10 58 56.5 * Just fair of late and better on the Poly.
3 CHOCOLATS J POWELL (N/A) S BAERTSCHIGER (N/A) 3 56 55.5 *** Former Australian who won over 1350m and has trialled well enough locally to win at Singapore debut.
4 23351 DANZEB BP O CHAVEZ (N/A) J SAIMEE (N/A) 7 56 55.5 *** Turned some solid form into a good maiden win and pay to follow although this is obviously tougher.
5 62986 OPTIMUS TT G BOSS (N/A) S GRAY (N/A) 8 56 55.5 ** Excuses before solid effort late last start in similar affair and can consider.
6 1044 MADE IN CHINA P, EM V DURIC (N/A) J PETERS (N/A) 4 55 55.0 ** Struggled at only turf run but small sample size suggests we keep safe.
7 09282 LIM'S GREETING TT APP R ZAWARI-2 (N/A) S BURRIDGE (N/A) 12 53 54.0 *** Went close last start in similar affair with gap to third and can win this.
8 32125 PRATT STREET TT B VORSTER (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 1 51 53.0 *** In very solid form and should be on the pace from gate 1.
9 35546 TAUBOSS
APP CC WONG-1 (N/A) D KOK (N/A) 14 51 53.0 * Gets winkers but drawn wide and needs to show more.
10 75807 PEACH BOWL B A MUNRO (N/A) L DRAGON (N/A) 6 49 52.0 * Will battle away at odds but skinny end of exotics looks best.
11 58310 MINGS MAN WK, TT N JUGLALL (N/A) RB MARSH (N/A) 2 48 51.5 ** Excuses last start and gets the favours from gate 2 with senior hoop so keep safe at value.
K A'ISISUHAIRI (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 11 46 50.5 ** Love to see in Class 5 but not a mile away last start similar affair with tongue-tie off for this.
13 09100 GOLDEN SPARK E1 B UNFIXED (N/A) CT KUAH (N/A) 5 46 50.5 * Reassess in Class 5.
14 437*0 DIVERGENT E2 B UNFIXED (N/A) M CLEMENTS (N/A) 13 44 50.0 * Maiden who needs easier.

BB - Blinkers for the first time
PP - Pacifiers for the first time
B - Blinkers
BRS - Blinkers on the right side
BLS - Blinkers on the left side
P - Pacifiers
BP - Blinkers and Pacifiers
BP1 - Blinkers and Pacifiers for the first time
TT - Tongue Tied
WK - Winkers
VIS - Visor