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uruguay form always holds up....58 minutes ago by Larry Foley

Its Kiwi Kid 🍺🍺🍺...4 hours ago by Robpayback

Congrats bertrand! $144/30...4 hours ago by Robpayback

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saturday october 31, 2020

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sunday october 25, 2020
saturday october 17, 2020
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@TABradio @kalracing enjoy the last call Dave Sheehan! #groover

@KranjiBroadcast looking for an omen burridge bet. Is there any martial art that is unique to Scotland? Bar a head… https://t.co/nCxs6aUSci

@NJC_Commentator @KranjiBroadcast ...King of the Jews.

@KranjiBroadcast Crikey

@KranjiBroadcast As a wise man once said... “give a man a tip and he eats squid for one day. Teach a man to tip and… https://t.co/Y3JDxLjul5

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