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@Larry@suresh - good call on Karisto! Well done! My values going south....1 hours ago by Bertrand

Keyed in my quick selections - mostly value. Good luck to all for today’s races prior to...4 hours ago by Bertrand

Important Scratchings - Elliot Ness, Boomba...6 hours ago by Bertrand

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wednesday february 2, 2022
saturday january 29, 2022

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saturday january 22, 2022
saturday january 15, 2022
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@ConorDunlop Great work Conor. Now, just to get some others we know on the same path.

@Ian_R_Malpass @tommentatornz to be fair Ian… vulnerable and 16 wins straight shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

@tropicscaller @AustralianOpen And you got a good one!

@navinharipersa1 @alexvlah1 @johnbiggs47 @TABradio The funny thing is, Navin, often it’s the same day as the marble… https://t.co/0wHO8mdgbw

@alexvlah1 Nice to chat Alex. Keep on promoting the country racing in wa @johnbiggs47 on @TABradio and hopefully cr… https://t.co/4IOuZQFB5p

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