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From KranjiBroadcast: Turf Races Barrier Positions Saturday 16th Oct 2021 @SGTurfClub R3 1...1 days ago by Bertrand

BREAKING NEWS LIM'S LIGHTNING SCRATCHED Lion City Cup...1 days ago by Bertrand

A more open QE II Cup race………….....1 days ago by Bertrand

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saturday october 16, 2021
saturday october 9, 2021
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@NJC_Commentator Well, that’s changed things at https://t.co/IHTE1gaTP9 #wasagoodthing #croixvalue

@gwhitt42 @SGurpinderjeet @jmeharron Will be cheering from sunny Fremantle. #fifteenmillionsoundsalotofmoney

@tropicscaller Agree Craig… Hats off to @LizzieJelfs for moving that interview with @ZRKD where it needed to go and back again. #perfect

A bit of fun to be had from @SGTurfClub from noon today. Follow the action with @KranjiBroadcast and get all the fo… https://t.co/hXz6Flg3VO

@tropicscaller I knew when I was typing something wasn’t right.

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