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Early Scratchings: R4-3 Household Dynasty R10-10 Makkem Lad...10 hours ago by Bertrand

great work again @bertrand . . solid work on the tipping board by all but no real standout...3 days ago by Larry Foley

Tactics Change Race 8 Chicago Star With pace in the race will attempt to settle behind lea...4 days ago by Bertrand

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saturday april 24, 2021

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sunday april 18, 2021
saturday april 10, 2021
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@NJC_Commentator double or nothing in the last. I take jerlyn seow ... you can have the field. #callherhomenick

@navinharipersa1 @NJC_Commentator Good forecast!

Is the glass half full or half empty @NJC_Commentator https://t.co/oFCo2eevdE

@NJC_Commentator @SGTurfClub @mjcrsdotcom @copperbelt_stc @KranjiBroadcast @NZTM_TWEET @SingaporeCoffee @suresh7807… https://t.co/5w2mbbkTzC

@edward_sadler @Racing @HKJC_Racing No coincidence Ed is returning to Melbourne just when the Blues are starting to… https://t.co/eh17uEygYX

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