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Superb pick @mangocharlie!!!! Well done. Give the man a Tiger!!!!!...2 hours ago by Bertrand

He caught the Tiger! Superb @ mango Charlie 🐯...5 hours ago by Robpayback

Congrats @MangoCharlie on Catching the Tiger... Well done...7 hours ago by Ronaldtao

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sunday december 8, 2019

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friday december 6, 2019
sunday december 1, 2019
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@KranjiBroadcast @NJC_Commentator @dan_cobby @BenThompson2102 @Timfitz16Racing is that a cardigan Nick? love a good cardy.

RT @KranjiBroadcast: 🐦 TWEET OF THE WEEK 🐦 Comes from @SG_RaceAnalyst regarding one of Sam Subian's biggest winners on Big Maverick in the…

@Docturf @michaelmaxworth @BillyJTweets this will help. https://t.co/ciCLy6gKE9

@Docturf @michaelmaxworth @BillyJTweets love this song but loving the country track at the 2.37min mark. downhill b… https://t.co/PxOP9MyWA7

RT @suresh7807: @KranjiBroadcast @kranjiracing Singapore Friday 22-11-19 R1 - 3,8,2,1 R2 - 1,3,8,4 R3 - 2,1,8,6 R4 - 13,5,8,11 R5 - 2,5,3…

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