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Larry says, "The second division of the Class 3's over 1400m and this one looks as tough as the first one to find the winner. In fact you can make a strong case for at least eight of the capacity field and again, there has to be value to found on the night. Two very progressive types down in the weights in SATELLITE WINNER and SUPER DYNASTY appeal. SATELLITE WINNER grew wings late last start suggesting he is more than up to winning in this Company while SUPER DYNASTY won handsomely at his second start in Singapore and can go on with the job. Of the others to consider, LIM'S ROYAL and STAR GENIUS are ready to win but have both drawn awkwardly (although Rodd and Duric respectively helps their cause) while the top weight, LUCKY STRIDE, has his foot on the till and wins without surprising. BLACK JADE, CHOCOLATS and LIM'S DASHING just three others to follow. Betting Strategy - SATELLITE WINNER each-way. "

RACE 8: CLASS 3 (2) - 1400M COURSE A (LC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 21:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$80000 (3)
No.Last 5Horse NameEAGearJockey
(Strike rate)
(Strike rate)
BarRtgWtStarsPre-race Comments
Selections - 10, 7, 1
1 26522 LUCKY STRIDE B, TT R WOODWORTH (8.8) KY YOUNG (0) 3 73 57.0 *** In very good form without winning but gets his chance from gate 3.
2 31188 ON ELECTRIC AVENUE M KELLADY (6.6) S BAERTSCHIGER (11.6) 1 72 56.5 ** Never involved from wide gate last start and happy to include here from the ace.
3 36*84 LIM'S ROYAL M RODD (16.4) S BURRIDGE (11.5) 13 71 56.0 *** No luck with the barriers again but loomed large last start at odds and expect much the same.
4 08177 COLCHESTER B APP S NOH-2 (7.9) M YUSOF (5.4) 5 70 55.5 ** Looked to have every chance when just battling last start but won one of these three back so pay to keep safe.
5 67355 STAR GENIUS B, TT V DURIC (17.6) M WALKER (11.4) 11 70 55.5 *** Excuses not to finish closer last start and always an each-way hope with Duric on-board.
6 22322 CHOCOLATS B, TT B VORSTER (12.3) S BAERTSCHIGER (11.6) 10 67 54.0 *** Refuses to run a bad race but yet to open Singapore winning acoount.
7 *4 BLACK JADE O PLACAIS (7.3) J PETERS (10.1) 4 66 53.5 *** Very much appreciates what was a solid Singapore debut and step up to 1400m on the turf looks ideal. Goes close.
8 77541 WHY NOT APP T SEE-1 (7.1) D MEAGHER (7.2) 12 66 53.5 ** Won well in Class 4 last start but this is tougher and wide gate not ideal.
9 22020 LIM'S DASHING EM D MOOR (4.6) S GRAY (9.8) 2 65 53.0 *** Never fired a shot from wide gate last start but just missed previous outing and in this a long way from gate 2.
10 51142 SATELLITE WINNER G BOSS (12.8) J O'HARA (5.9) 6 65 53.0 *** Very progressive type who flew late last start over 1200m and can win this.
APP CC WONG-1 (6.4) J SAIMEE (10.1) 15 65 53.0 ** Gate a concern but best work late last start at odds suggests he is worth a look with blinkers added over recent winning trip.
12 6*800 BANDIDO B, TT A COLLETT (N/A) T KIESER (4.6) 7 64 52.5 * Resuming and like to see something before considering.
13 71 SUPER DYNASTY B, EM C GRYLLS (5.2) DL FREEDMAN (9.7) 9 64 52.5 *** Won well enough in Class 4 over this trip and second Singapore start to follow in albeit tougher company.
N JUGLALL (11.1) C BROWN (13.6) 8 62 51.5 ** Solid without being a winning threat at two Singapore starts but can include in exotics with winkers off.
15 *6000 LIFE IS GAMBLE E1 EM M ZAKI-1 (2.8) HW TAN (8.4) 14 62 51.5 * OK late last start but needs easier.

BB - Blinkers for the first time
PP - Pacifiers for the first time
B - Blinkers
BRS - Blinkers on the right side
BLS - Blinkers on the left side
P - Pacifiers
BP - Blinkers and Pacifiers
BP1 - Blinkers and Pacifiers for the first time
TT - Tongue Tied
WK - Winkers
VIS - Visor

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